Translation of funeral in Spanish:


funerales, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfjun(ə)rəl/ /ˈfjuːn(ə)r(ə)l/


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    funerales masculine
    funeral masculine
    (burial) entierro masculine
    (pyre/customs) (before noun) funerario
    that's your (or his etc.) funeral allá tú (or él etc.) informal
    • funeral procession cortejo fúnebre
    • funeral service funeral
    • Shocked regulars are holding a wake for him at the pub after his funeral service at Southend Crematorium next Tuesday.
    • The funeral service and cremation will be held at Scholemoor Cemetery tomorrow at 1pm.
    • Kevin Warr's family and friends packed into his funeral service at Overdale Crematorium.
    • Friends and family later attended the funeral service at The Knowle, followed by cremation at Oakworth.
    • The couple attended the funeral service with their younger daughter, Sarah, 14.
    • Among those attending the funeral service were representatives from a host of other clubs and other sports.
    • Marion was unable to travel from America but was able to attend the funeral service in Sydney.
    • Recently I attended the funeral service of a man who retired less than one year ago.
    • Preparations are being made to assist those attending the coming funeral services.
    • Today we travel down to the West to do the funeral service and burial for Grandma on Saturday.
    • The funeral service this morning for the colleague from work was very well attended.
    • The funeral service will be held at York Crematorium on Friday, August 10 at a time still to be announced.
    • The funeral service is at Haltemprice Crematorium on Wednesday at noon.
    • A funeral service was taking place today at Scarborough Crematorium followed by a wake at a local pub.
    • His funeral service had to be delayed owing to his death being so far away from home.
    • She was trussed up in a fashion resembling preparation for a ritual funeral service.
    • Accordingly, it is suggested that time to attend funerals and memorial services be provided to staff members to facilitate grieving and closure.
    • The large attendances at his funeral services showed the deep respect in which he was held in the parish.
    • Signs of her popularity were visible by the large attendance at her funeral services.
    • There would be no weddings, no funerals and no big services because we could not get people up here.