Translation of funny bone in Spanish:

funny bone

hueso del codo, n.


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    hueso del codo masculine
    • I'm here to say, would you all pick up your elbow and whack your funny bone and feel that pain that stops you in your tracks from doing what you're doing?
    • He grabbed it and rubbed his funny bone vigorously until the pain ebbed.
    • I tried to give him the thumbs up but banged my funny bone on the pole and had to shriek in pain.
    • Casey's right elbow hit something solid and she bit her lip, feeling the nerve in her arm, her funny bone, twinge.
    • Instead, it sent his elbow into a nerve shock as he felt his funny bone go haywire.
    • Sky High nudges your funny bone and then stands back with a hearty grin and says, ‘No offence, buddy.’
    • You hit your funny bone and your arm goes numb (it has happened).
    • My entire forearm, elbow to fingertips, was tingling like I'd hit my funny bone.
    • Lovejoy started to feel a funny bone type sensation in his thumb.
    • I squeezed my fingers trying to get the tingly feeling of hitting my funny bone.
    • So my first thought and the first doctors that saw me thought it might be some physiological thing, like I hit my funny bone for something.
    • Come on, people, let's put the hurt on some funny bones!
    • I threw myself onto a stool and in the process, not only really hurt my butt, but also hit my funny bone.
    • Likewise, plenty of medical research goes into looking at the problems of fracturing a bone, but little is done towards researching the effects of the funny bone.
    • A tap to the right spot behind the elbow, the so-called funny bone, can cause pain and tingling sensations to shoot down your forearm.