Translation of fusion in Spanish:


fundición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfjuʒən/ /ˈfjuːʒ(ə)n/

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    (joining metals)
    fundición feminine
    fusión feminine
    • The enthalpy change which occurs when a solid is melted is called the heat of fusion.
    • The fusion of silica, heat and glaze transforms the once implacable grey matter into an object d' art.
    • Even plastic is often recycled - so-called ‘plastic mechanics’ visit people's houses to repair broken plastics by the simple process of heat fusion.
    • Other techniques involve the high temperature fusion of powdered inorganic reagent and the rock.
    • ‘The fusion of these materials introduces another dimension,’ she said.
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    (nuclear reaction)
    fusión feminine
    • They already get a lot of power from nuclear reactors and also are actively engaged in 4th generation nuclear reactor research and fusion reactor research.
    • Cold fusion is an attempt to get fusion to occur under less extreme conditions, possibly as a result of chemical reactions.
    • However, you must remember that an enormous amount of energy is required in order for these reactions to occur at all - that is why fusion is not yet a practical source of energy.
    • The most easily attained fusion reaction involves fusing nuclei of the two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, to make nuclei of helium.
    • Achieving the aim of making fusion a viable energy source will require a sustained long-term research effort.
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    fusión feminine
    • As in other sectors of the economy, companies active in food processing and retailing have sought to achieve global weight in a series of mergers and fusions.
    • As doo wop did earlier, there seems to be a sustained interest in continuing mergers and fusions today.
    • The lower numbers would thus reflect the effects of chromosome fusions.
    • And whatever the theme is that the show is seeking to follow has led to a shortage of those thrillingly distinct fusions of horse and rider that Stubbs excelled in.
    • One can think of very few biographers who have the ability to deal with critical assessment of such diversity and unwieldy fusions of anecdote and myth.
    • Since the heady days of Gunther Schuller's Third Stream experiments, many have tried putting jazz and classical musicians together in a darkened room in the hope of magical fusions.
    • The anti-mergers saw the fusions as anti-democratic since they were never consulted, and were scared to lose their communities and local services.
    • The poet restores conductivity to words through new short-circuits, which arise out of their fusions.
    • The spiritual commons has never been more diverse or capacious, more open to new fusions of faith and belief.
    • Here, fissions and fusions are included as a special case of translocations in which one of the input or output chromosomes is empty.
    • Swedish companies underwent fusions and shifted sections of their business abroad to countries with lower labour costs.
    • Such definitions can be applied in the context either of trees or of more extensively connected graphs, which are necessary to represent evolutionary fusions.
    • All fusions were verified by DNA sequence analysis.
    • Some feature various human/machine fusions at work: a particularly big and chaotic hybrid surprises the alarmed artist in her studio.
    • In view of his deliberate focus on such fusions of tradition, however, it is surprising that a similar flexibility is sometimes lacking from his treatment of his written sources.
    • Now we're getting very good fusions of vertebrae.
    • Four independent fusions were made for each species.
    • But it was so colorful, so riotous, so hilarious a solidarity that its ostentatious fusions established a special art form.


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    de fusión
    fusion food comida de fusión