Translation of future in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfjutʃər/ /ˈfjuːtʃə/


  • 1

    (time ahead)
    the future el futuro
    • the technologists/consumers of the future los tecnólogos/consumidores del futuro
    • in the future en el futuro
    • that is all still (very much) in the future eso está todavía por verse
    • in the distant future en un futuro lejano
    • It is difficult to envision a plan for the future without visiting moments from the past.
    • Draw your own conclusions as to what the future holds once the Government legalises cannabis, which it will.
    • No, awful as that picture is, it is just a snapshot of a moment in the near future.
    • Towards the end of the book he looks at what the future holds based on programmes that have been funded and are about to start.
    • Pat plans to release a further single in the near future, followed by an album in early autumn.
    • If this is one of those man-against-machine moments, the future of the human race is in pretty shoddy hands.
    • It was lauded as a triumph for democracy and a defining moment for the future of Africa.
    • He also gave me some food for thought about my own writing in the future.
    • So it seems right now that we are in a moment when the future is still unborn and the past is not quite dead.
    • They are the carefree ones - the dare-devils who live for the moment and leave the future to look after itself.
    • A meeting will be held in the near future to discuss a follow-up to the Special Olympics.
    • These moments condition more moments in the future so that understanding and patience grow.
    • Probably they will be committed to the game for a longer period in the future as well.
    • Expect more detailed news in the near future, followed by a lot of people suddenly spending a lot more time at home.
    • Coaching sessions for would-be bowlers are planned in the near future.
    • We cannot rule out the possibility of a conspiracy to carry out more attacks in the future, whether near or distant.
    • What do you view as the future of policy initiatives in this area in the foreseeable future?
    • At last this is a sentence appropriate to the crime and a strong precedent for other judges to follow in the future.
    • This company really captured my imagination and this will be one I follow carefully in the future.
    • Is there a way to avoid these results in the future while still following the example?
  • 2

    futuro masculine
    porvenir masculine
    a job/an industry with a future un trabajo/una industria con futuro
    • he has a bright future ahead of him tiene un brillante porvenir / futuro por delante
    • there is no future for me in this job no tengo futuro en este trabajo
    • who knows what the future has in store for us! ¡quién sabe qué nos depara el porvenir!
    • to build a future for oneself labrarse un porvenir
    • the future lies in energy conservation la clave del futuro está en la conservación de la energía
    • He still has a bright future ahead of him and is expected to put up a better performance next year.
    • It was the kind of shot that also convinces Westwood of the bright future that may lie ahead for the youngster.
    • While coming out on the wrong side of the score line today Swinford looks to have a very bright future ahead.
    • Tabby is a very talented entertainer and he has bright future ahead on stage.
    • Although he was disappointed afterwards he has a bright future ahead of him in football.
    • She's very bold and not afraid of anything and I think she has a bright future ahead of her.
    • This young man is an all round sportsman with a bright future ahead in boxing and hurling.
    • In good health, with a bright future ahead, he has little to fear from the dawning of another decade.
    • Both her and Saeed are sick, sad and filled with anxiety about their fate and the future for their child.
    • It was a curious quirk of fate that put the future of the Tayside club in the hands of a shady Anglo-Italian entrepreneur.
    • Of waking up to hear that your fate, the future of your family and your home, has been changed again by someone in a far off place.
    • There may be challenges ahead but the future in this sector is certainly looking brighter than for several years.
    • Did you at least try to have a say in your fate and the future of your city, state, nation, and world?
    • Chile is a surprising source for this grape, but if this example is anything to go by, the future is bright.
    • And for the providers of this technology, the future is so bright, they've got to wear shades.
    • A heated debate over the future of a Trowbridge soccer pitch was expected at a meeting last night.
    • That, alone, raises the most terrifying prospects for the future of humankind.
    • Extensive public debate about the future of NHS services in Scotland is welcome, but it must be balanced.
    • No one wants to debate the future of Britain, because of another fine old tradition the bearer of bad tidings always got the chop.
    • A subsequent debate on the future of Blackfield Infant and Junior schools resulted in a similar decision.
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    futuro masculine
    in the future en (el) futuro
  • 4futures plural

    futuros masculine
    futures contract contrato de futuros
    • futures market mercado de futuros
    • futures options opciones de futuros
    • futures trader agente de futuros
    • This involves buying and selling futures or options on shares, bonds or currencies.
    • Then as soon as the cash market closed, the S&P futures made a new low for the session.
    • These banks can deal in futures and options so that they can manage price risks.
    • The FSA is also aware of scams promoting options, futures and currency dealings.
    • New crop canola futures also felt some backlash from the news, traders commented.
    • Futures buyers must wait up to two years if the futures are bought soon after they are first offered.
    • All of our familiar financial instruments - stocks, insurance, commodity futures, options - were once forbidden by anti-gambling laws.
    • With Heating Oil and Gasoline futures leading the way, Energy futures closed sharply higher as the Energy Information Agency reported a surprising drop in product stocks.
    • If your broking firm gives advice the adviser must be accredited to advise on ASX futures.
    • The major indexes slid to seven-week lows in the week to Friday with crude oil futures holding near record levels.
    • The index futures for October delivery rose 0.6 percent to 5,889.


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    (husband/home) futuro
    at some future time en un futuro
    • Judgements of national interest require prudence, and some concern for the likely trend of future events.
    • The future use is likely to be a small-scale residential development.
    • It follows a study into the suitability of the buildings and the likely future demand for family services across the city.
    • The Family Court is oriented to the long term and must take into account the likely future needs of the child.
    • So what are the key issues likely to determine the future movement of markets?
    • The review would include a list of costs which will need to come from loans and likely future costs.
    • The success this time around meant it was likely future festivals would be bigger and include more cities.
    • Unless these factors are addressed, the potential exists for future accidents.
    • In 1997 we identified an imminent problem, likely to limit future estimations.
    • In the absence of such forward thinking, the impact of a future super-eruption is likely to be appalling.
    • Yields on bonds are so low that any future inflation is likely to erode the rates of return on government bonds bought today.
    • How harsh or lenient a peace did it set in place, and with what likely results for the future stability of the present order?
    • What future developments are likely concerning the legal framework for employment?
    • AP reports that the likely future role of this historical archive is toilet paper.
    • Which fields are likely to be of future investment interest to French business people in Bulgaria?
    • Now teachers hope to get enough cash to enable future generations of children to follow in their footsteps.
    • Hence he has only himself to blame for what we are facing today and what future generations may regret tomorrow.
    • However, he may be removed as guardian at a future date if the court is satisfied it is in the child's best interest.
    • It is hoped that the Millennium Garden will be a source of enjoyment for present and future generations.
    • The chief judge said that the verdict will be rendered at a future date.
    • It has been suggested that his Pitt biography is part of a grand publicity plan to jockey back into position as a future leader.
    • In truth it is Davis himself who has been under suspicion for positioning himself as a future leader.
    • The agency, however, has been planned to have a movie producer as the future owner of Boyana Film.
    • Back at his castle, Siegfried attends a ball where he is expected to choose his future bride.
    • This stance was bequeathed to future opponents of the government's plans, and it was extremely popular.
    • In July 1797, Scott went on a tour of the English Lake District where he met his future wife.
    • The course develops the skills of young people identified as future leaders.
    • And yet these are schools expected to mould and build the future leaders of this nation.
    • The warmth beside him was comforting; after all, to his left was his future wife.
    • Few people realize that the future King Henry VIII was Duke of York at one point.
    • From a social point of view it is an ideal place to get to know people who may become friends or even a future partner.
    • His future bride is better looking than any of the previous girlfriends you've managed to lock in your house for longer than a week.
    • The sexy socialite has revealed she and her future husband are looking forward to starting a family soon after their wedding.
    • Our failure to look at ourselves in the mirror is the tragedy future historians will be perplexed to read about.
    • My work is rewarding and I am able to save at least 20 per cent of my salary for my future family.
    • Alan is now looking for contributions from other men who may have some interesting anecdotes and top tips for future fathers.
    • I've already resolved that any future daughter of mine will wear them, preferably with a pair of legwarmers too.
    • I always have, I always will, and if my future children want to live under my roof, they will too.
    • Any decision will be made on educational grounds in the interest of current and future students in the area.
    • Among these were the mandatory retirement of sovereigns at 80 and a public power of veto for any future king or queen.
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    the future tense el futuro
    • Traditionally, the simple future tense is will or shall followed by the infinitive: will follow.
    • Expletive null subjects, for example, can occur freely in the past, present, and future tenses.
    • If the question is framed in the future tense, then I understand what conversation we are having.
    • The verb ‘to die’ is one of the few that is only readily usable in the past and future tenses.
    • Then it belatedly dawned on me that the report was in the future tense and was written to explain what was due to happen that evening.