Translation of gable in Spanish:


aguilón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪbəl/ /ˈɡeɪb(ə)l/


  • 1

    aguilón masculine
    gablete masculine
    hastial masculine
    gable end hastial
    • The landscape which preoccupies me happens to be in its nature fairly geometric, like the triangular gable of a roof, the crossed bars of a gate or the circular shape of an oil drum head on.
    • The roof is an inverted gable, a reference to all the gabled houses in the neighborhood.
    • The prevailing style of the roughly 3,800 neighboring houses features large gables and verandas, with porticos, pediments, and glossy interiors.
    • Historians think they had roof gables facing the street.
    • A simple, small-scale pavilion, raised above grassy terrain and roofed with a simple gable with generous overhangs, is built of plywood panels with glass louvers set into a lightweight steel frame.
    • From outside, it seems to be unnecessarily picturesque to give the mass the planners had required to balance that of the bed factory, a brick gable fronting a pitched roof covered in industrial corrugated cladding.
    • James had designed and built the house with an extended gable in the roof.
    • I also found myself strangely unable to go to bed while building a model house with a roof of valleys and gables.
    • The house, with its steeply pitched red-tiled roof, precipitous gables and tall tapering chimneys, is L-shaped with a well-head in the angle, its conical top resembling a Welsh wizard's hat.
    • Those living in the Alpine or forest regions have traditionally lived in wooden houses with shingled or tiled roofs and carved gables.
    • Rather than facing in one direction, the gables of the main house meet to form a 90-degree angle dictated by the T-shaped floor plan.
    • Exterior features of the house are a steeply pitched roof, large gables and architectural details such as the ornamental dripstones above the mullion windows.
    • Note the white walls, terracotta roof and the gables of the building.
    • Profuse with cobbled streets, the steeply pitched roofs, prominent cross gables with the structures lavishly covered with ornamental half-timbering, this part of town gave her an archaic feeling.
    • At its height, the storm lifted gables and roofs from buildings, flung rafters and entire advertising kiosks through the air, tore trees from the ground, and drove human beings before it like living torches.
    • A slight pagoda-like lift to the gables and unusual terracotta roof ornaments lend a hint of the exotic to the large shingled houses.
    • At one point, they measured the angle of the roof gables at Machu Picchu and advised the artist to make them steeper.
    • They set up a small building with wooden gables on its roof.
    • As it stood there, lifting its proud roofs and gables to the sky, it might have been its own funeral monument.
    • The Deadwood house has a typical asymmetrical composition with a steeply pitched hipped roof and a front-facing gable.