Translation of gaggle in Spanish:


bandada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡæɡəl/ /ˈɡaɡ(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (of geese)
    bandada feminine
    • It is also a popular watering hole to gaggles of geese which fly in from time to time.
    • These failures become apparent through the absence of first-year birds in the winter gaggles.
    • Along with gaggles of Canada Geese, we saw our first groups of Brant.
    • I plunked down my cash, all the while admiring the plant with its white flowers so much like the heads of a gaggle of nodding geese.
    • In the lower left portion of the canvas, a gaggle of geese moves about in Brownian motion.
    • I would much rather be involved in a series with a benevolent dictator instead of a gaggle of geese.
    • The interactions of geese from different gaggles is identical to that of lesbians who try to interact from different group lots of honking and goose drama is likely to ensue.
    • Readers may have heard about a pack of wolves or a litter of puppies, but do they know which animals make up a gaggle or a murder?
    • The empty set is the set of the goslings the two gaggles share.
  • 2

    (of people)
    grupo masculine
    pandilla feminine
    • Ten minutes from the ground and you could already feel the unmistakable hum of a huge gaggle of excited people gathered together.
    • Yes, she'll miss the glamour, the gaggle of schoolgirls crowding round for autographs.
    • Today, it involves federal courts, a gaggle of sturdy lawyers or both.
    • The gaggle of girls gathered around them, their expressions concerned.
    • When he does manage to express himself, his gaggle of interfering sisters humiliate him for the effort.
    • All you need to do is find a gaggle of geeks at a party or in a college bar.
    • Beyond the door a few inquisitive souls stood in a loose gaggle watching the fortunate emerge.
    • On the contrary, the place was mostly packed, with elderly first-date couples and gaggles of neighborhood bon vivants out for a night on the town.
    • The triumphant band walks back stage through gaggles of groupies to their dressing room.
    • The gaggle thinned out as most of the flex wings also fell down.
    • There is a crowded, Hooray Henry exuberance to the room, with pink-cheeked gents swilling dry Martinis and families with gaggles of well-dressed, extraordinarily blonde children.
    • Housed in a gleaming, 1967 Airstream trailer, which was parked in front of Greenwich House Pottery, it drew gaggles of viewers and buyers right off the sidewalk.
    • And gaggles of beaded tourists who come to town are always looking for something a little more elaborate than a souvenir to take home with them when visiting the magical Cajun town.
    • She obeyed, using orange and bright neon pink crayons, drawing gaggles of flowers, hands, and distorted faces that closely resemble Easter Island Statues.
    • There's an edgy, youthful feel to the sprawling stone downtown, where gaggles of short-haired, punky students walk narrow, walled streets.
    • It's lunchtime in Dublin and the city is heaving with people; gaggles of students, young office workers, couples, women with babies in buggies.
    • It facilitates the exchange of songs expressing social concerns, sharing of ideas and presents a record of events happening with the many gaggles of Grannies.
    • Even the kitchen staff had come in from their duties, and were standing in a gaggle near the back of the room.