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galaxia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡæləksi/ /ˈɡaləksi/

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nombreplural galaxies

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    galaxia femenino
    • And he needs to be president of the Galaxy to do it.
    • We realized that our Galaxy was just one of many billions of galaxies in the universe.
    • On another note, this story takes place now, just in a different part of the galaxy.
    • Conquering the galaxy involves dealing with a couple hundred billion stars at least.
    • You can conquer the galaxy with your best friends in a single evening.
    • There are reckoned to be about 400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.
    • New planetary star systems and galaxies are being discovered almost daily.
    • Or it may expand so fast that gravity could never pull galaxies together again.
    • Some massive clusters of galaxies are similarly held together against the cosmic flow.
    • Supermassive black holes are found in the centers of galaxies that contain billions of stars.
    • Section IV takes us off the land and into comets, galaxies and constellations of stars.
    • Near the geographic center of the galaxy was a binary star system called Theralia.
    • The clusters smashed together thousands of galaxies and trillions of stars.
    • He was thinking only of the chance of individual stars within our own galaxy, the Milky Way, acting this way.
    • The rishis tell us of the galactic center of the universe, which feeds energy to all the galaxies and solar systems of the universe.
    • Stars and planets, galaxies and nebulas unveil themselves close to the eyes of the visitors.
    • Just as stars are the building blocks of galaxies, galaxies are the building blocks of the universe.
    • This clumping in turn produced the galaxies and clusters of galaxies we see today.
    • With even greater, if not absolute certainty, we know that man can never be in a position to detect life in other solar systems of galaxies.
    • Eventually, these protogalactic fragments merged and galaxies and quasars formed.
    • That is, we can discover things about the stars and galaxies involved from the way in which the Moon cuts off their light.
    • There are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone and there are billions of other galaxies.
    • There really is a big mountain out there on some planet in some solar system in some galaxy.
    • In the Nature we observe, the Universe is filled with dust and gas in addition to stars, planets and galaxies.
    • But of course it has structures in it, stars and galaxies and clusters of galaxies.
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    (of celebrities)
    constelación femenino
    pléyade femenino
    • To create his galaxy of impressions, Baxter watched television avidly, even backstage between stage shows.
    • The official website is now a positive galaxy of useful stuff.
    • RSS-fortified radio on mobile phones opens a whole galaxy of possibilities.
    • Wales were savaged by the absence of a galaxy of their players.
    • Archeologists unearthed a galaxy of merry swastikas when they excavated Troy.
    • Kalpana Chawla, her name now enshrined in the galaxy of super achievers, was a rare bird indeed.
    • Greetings from a convention of those who admire the galaxy of nameless icons!
    • There were other great athletes in those days as well, in fact a galaxy of them.
    • We don't have the galaxy of players we had when we had Woosnam and Lyle, Faldo and Ballesteros.
    • Auden was the next writer to sign on, bringing in his wake a galaxy of homeless talents.
    • I would like to say that he was an emperor amongst the present galaxy of saints.
    • In the galaxy of first-class hams, this one most definitely deserves its spot.
    • Major cash problems for Australian clubs means a galaxy of internationals will want to play in Britain next season.
    • Music fans flocked to hear a galaxy of international stars at a festival of global music and dance.
    • A whole galaxy of cool, disco artists are banding together for a fun show to remember.