Translation of galvanize in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡælvəˌnaɪz/ /ˈɡalvənʌɪz/

See Spanish definition of electrizar

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(rouse)

      to galvanize sb (into sth/-ing) impulsar a algn (a algo/+ inf)

      • her threats galvanized him into action
      • No sense of shock galvanizes the audience when we witness the details of her murder before he learns of it.
      • As your job in the United Nations Humanitarian Agency, it's your job to galvanize the people, to get their attention, to get them to take the money out of their pocket.
      • She could provide the required political leadership to galvanize her people, being the daughter of Indonesia's founding father.
      • Frustration, disillusionment and above all a fear of the future began to galvanize people to write, question and think as they had not done before.
      • Tales of ecological woe, no matter how well-founded in science, rarely galvanize people to action.
      • He is hoping that going public will galvanize his fellow citizens.
      • His genius though, is not only to mount a popular critique of industrial agriculture which resonates around the world, but to move on and build a viable, attractive alternative that galvanises people.
      • To attempt to land troops in Venezuela would have galvanised the people of South America against the invaders, which would have been bad for its image and worse for its geopolitics.
      • This is a pretty unsexy thing to say and is unlikely to galvanise people in the way that a call more ‘strong leaders’ will, but I still think it is a more important aim.
      • It should galvanise people to participate, to make their views known through the ballot box.
      • We feel certain that the campaign is helping to galvanise people into action.
      • In the long run, we pay an even heavier price by galvanizing opponents bent on freeing themselves from what they perceive as elitist disrespect for democratic governance.
      • It was both a new vehicle to galvanize followers and operating there meant fewer logistical difficulties since it was close by.
      • The tool that Lady Macbeth uses to galvanize her husband into action is humiliation.
      • This had the effect of galvanising the visitors, with the ball spinning confidently down the line, pinning the home side briefly back against their line.
      • It came in 1990, undermining their magnanimity, but also galvanising me and my colleagues into human rights activism.
      • The privatisation of state universities is galvanising students into action.
      • He did the same for Ireland, galvanising a middling team into a team that was far greater than the sum of its parts.
      • A perceived injustice, however real, galvanises him as much as anything that comes out of a bottle.

    • 1.2(enthrall)


    • 1.3galvanizing present participle

      (effect/performance) electrizante

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (iron/steel) galvanizar

    • 2.2galvanized past participle

      (iron/sheeting) galvanizado
      • The primary use of zinc is in galvanizing other metals, especially iron and steel.
      • Zinc is used largely to galvanise iron and steel.
      • Gutters on older homes may be wood, galvanized sheet metal, or copper.
      • There are two primary ways that chain-link fabric is galvanized (coated with zinc).
      • When working with redwood, always use top quality, hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum hardware.
      • The extensively used galvanized steel is durable, economical, and virtually maintenance free.
      • Steel is galvanized, walls are fairfaced concrete block, and floors are concrete or asphalt.
      • The floor is redwood, the supporting poles are of galvanized steel covered with split bamboo, and the back wall is covered with reed matting.
      • As usual in this part of the country, roof coverings are galvanized corrugated steel.
      • All residential fittings are made from a die cast aluminum or steel that has been galvanized.
      • All wood components are treated with linen oil and all steel elements are galvanized.
      • Even though galvanised iron was replacing some of the demand for slate, the quarries could barely keep up the supply.
      • The desktop is galvanized sheet metal, a material that is handsome and weather-resistant.
      • The unit is made of heavy galvanised metal and can stay submerged in a river or dam for long periods without any corrosion.
      • Built of a strong timber-frame and wooden floors, the roofing was galvanized corrugated iron sheeting.
      • Our medium-duty galvanized trash can is designed to provide years of reliable performance.
      • Materials which slowly decompose at the temperature of the hot dip galvanising bath are suitable as frothing agents.
      • In order to achieve the best finish, the article should be designed to fit inside the galvanising bath in a single dip.
      • The galvanised tubular steel pallet provides the necessary space for ventilation between the tanks and the ground.
      • Zinc metal used in the galvanizing process provides an impervious barrier between the steel substrate and corrosive elements in the atmosphere.