Translation of game in Spanish:


juego, n.

Pronunciation /ɡeɪm/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(amusement)

      juego masculine
      games of chance and skill juegos de azar y habilidad / destreza
      • There will be games, amusements and activities for all the family.
      • This club provides weekly activities, games and amusement for the youth.
      • But few other games really engage the intellect, instead of just the reflexes.
      • There are many amusing mental games to be played on the bus when bored.
      • This had been a childhood game of theirs - to startle the rider into unseating themselves.
      • Evening entertainment included games of ludo, snakes and ladders and draughts.
      • Doctors and therapists therefore have to invent exercises and games to entertain these patients and stop them from getting frustrated.
      • During the week, members of the group are encouraged to open their hearts and minds, and to engage in group activities and games.
      • The same applies when the children are taken out to fun fairs where they have to mount a wide selection of amusement games.
      • Try these verbal games to engage their minds as well as their bodies.
      • A host of games and other entertainment activities were laid on around the grounds of the pier and Walking Street.
      • Sophie recalled childhood games in the school playground.
      • What will happen when all the childhood games are completed?
      • That most basic of childhood games, tag, can now be played on a PC.
      • Villagers baked in the sun while enjoying games, rides and entertainment on the village green on Saturday.
      • A teddy bears' picnic, games, entertainment and a cake will be laid on for the event on July 16.
      • It will feature a magical wonderland of sculptures, games, attractions and entertainment.
      • Val can't say she didn't enjoy the simple acts of childhood games.
      • The tiny hidden corridors had played a major part in some of her childhood games.
      • Fun and games aside, the lesson is stark and one that should be taken very seriously.

    • 1.2(type of sport)

      deporte masculine
      the fight game el (deporte del) boxeo
      • tennis isn't really my game el tenis no es mi fuerte
      • For the most part, hockey is truly a team game in a sports world that sells individuals.
      • Rugby enthusiasts gave up on the sport after the game was dragged in the mud.
      • Earlier this year, the house teams competed in friendly rivalry games of cricket, football and volleyball.
      • The sides will meet in a friendly game at the Lakeside Sport and Fitness Club on Saturday.
      • Personally, do you believe that the third umpire concept is workable in a fast game like hockey?
      • Those ancient games were real games in which athletes competed for glory and not for money.
      • As with all sports, the game has followed a natural progression throughout history.
      • The sports complex will have facilities for indoor games including badminton, billiards, and table tennis.
      • It's no secret that much of the game of water polo revolves around the center position.
      • It's vital that the game evolves to compete with other sports, and these ideas are great.
      • A fierce game of beach volley ball had erupted into play between two groups of girls.
      • I didn't do too badly following the game and the rules, thanks mostly to my experience playing softball.
      • It is knowledge of the rules of the game, or knowledge that certain moves that accord with these rules have been made.
      • You are invited to join in the fun of organising dances, publicity, events, games, competitions and much more.
      • Buddhists celebrate the New Year in March or April with coconut games and pillow fights.
      • The guy also is the best blocking receiver in the game and is as competitive as they come.
      • They feel that for the good of the game and the competition they need to allow the holder to defend the title.
      • Soccer is a winter game, Gaelic football and hurling are summer games.
      • So if you learn a simple tactic it can help with bigger games like netball and basketball and stuff.
      • If soccer is not your cup of tea, you can switch to the more genteel game of tennis.

    • 1.3(way of playing)

      I played my normal game jugué como de costumbre

  • 2

    • 2.1(complete match)

      Sport partido masculine
      (in board games, cards) partida feminine
      to have a game of chess/cards jugar una partida de ajedrez/naipes
      • We will just try our hardest and concentrate on our final few games to get the results we need.
      • Amazingly there were to be only two further scores in the final period of the game.
      • When he cleaned up in the final innings of the game, he was fully vindicated.
      • Last year, he missed the final six games after he fractured his left fibula.
      • The team must gain some momentum going into the final six games, four of which are at home.
      • He was scratched for the final six games of the conference finals.
      • They lost six of their final 10 games and then fell to New Orleans in the playoffs.
      • The final game of this series will be played in Birmingham on the December 13.
      • They overcame a six and a half-game margin in the final 13 games to pass Philadelphia.
      • Six of their final seven games are inside a dome, making winter weather a non-issue.
      • The goal is to get familiar with protecting a lead in the final minutes of a game.
      • We are expecting a very good game this weekend and we are confident of positive results after the game.
      • His downfall in the second game came as a result of a half drive with the foot not up to the pitch of the ball.
      • The team didn't play to lose its final games of the season so it could get a higher draft pick.
      • The final game against York was a clogged up battle with both sides showing fatigue.
      • In the Winter Olympics many ice hockey games were decided by numerical advantages.
      • The unusual setting and unconventional rules meant the game attracted lots of spectators.
      • The umpires were called upon to judge on the fitness of the wicket for play and ruled the game could go ahead.
      • There'll be gripping and competitive games of play-off football going on all over Europe next weekend.
      • The percentage of postseason games in football is notably lower than in other sports.

    • 2.2games plural(competition)

      juegos masculine
      the Olympic Games los Juegos Olímpicos
      • the school games los campeonatos del colegio

    • 2.3gamesBritish School

      (+ singular verb) deportes masculine
      (+ singular verb) educación física feminine
      games master profesor de deportes
      • games mistress profesora de deportes
      • He would not have done so had he not discovered this talent in our games lesson.
      • He said had been at his games lesson for only 15 minutes when the headteacher took him to his office, where police were called.
      • The sound of a typical high school games lesson vibrates beneath us, but our gaze is fixed for two, maybe three minutes.
      • Children with autism and Asperger's syndrome tend to be clumsy and to struggle with games lessons at school.
      • After the class she left with a girl friend and was on her way to a games lesson when the boy and one of his friends joined them.
      • We take them to their games, lessons, etc. but how much do we really interact with them?

  • 3

    (of tennis, squash match) juego masculine
    (of bridge rubber) manga feminine
    Smith leads by two games to one Smith gana por dos juegos a uno
    • they were one game all iban empatados / iguales a un juego
    • The eighth seed broke him in the third game of the match and from then on broke serve at will.
    • The Swiss calmly wrapped up the victory on the first of three match points a game later.
    • Sutton's Dave and Julie were the best couple in both matches winning 27 games in each fixture.
    • We squeezed all of our remaining 18 games of match play into Wednesday, the day after the attacks.
    • In the final game at match point, he played a super shot to save point.
    • Each match consists of four games with the points total going towards each team's score.
    • A side which has already won one game towards the current rubber is said to be vulnerable.
    • A game may be made in more than one deal, such as by scoring 60 and later 40, or it may be scored by making a larger bid and earning 100 or more points in a single deal.
  • 4

    juego masculine
    • The money was to purchase equipment for the club, including computers, games, furniture and arts and crafts materials.
    • Monopoly is Hasbro's largest selling board game with 1.5m games sold per year.
    • Gradually I bought a few more games and even managed to meet a few other players.
    • The item I actually went to the shop to buy was a game called ‘Medal of Honour’ for my PC.
    • You still need to go out to the store and buy the game - or order it online and wait a few days for it to show up.
    • They bullied their way into my apartment, uploaded the game onto my computer and demanded that I give it a try.
    • One child wrote to say he would never buy a new game without asking his friends for their views on it.
    • This might be a game bought for kids, but you get the feeling that it is their parents who will be playing it most keenly.
    • What's the betting that many of them are adults buying the game for their kids?
    • I could buy two games for my PS1 for the price of one game on the N64.
    • Many now include editing software with their games, specifically to encourage fans to shoot movies.
    • The games software alone has an equivalent retail value of £120,000.
    • The children say they have enjoyed the rewards of their efforts, having used the profits to buy games for the classroom and finance a trip to New Lanark.
    • I went out to Electronic Arts in Burnaby where a friend works and took advantage of his employee discount to buy some games for my dad.
    • The First Amendment does not force parents into buying these games and systems for their children.
    • So they buy the games for their kids without realizing what they're getting.
    • In other words, people aren't buying as many games right now.
    • Christmas is coming and the latest games are bringing computers to their knees.
    • She wasn't up to date on any of the systems and her parents don't let her buy Mature rated games anyway.
    • I decided to let the pros handle it and I'll forgo buying any new games for a couple of months.
  • 5

    (underhand scheme, ploy)
    juego masculine
    to play a game dejar transcurrir el tiempo
    • I know your little game! ¡te conozco el jueguito!
    • This is all down to the secret game of politics they are playing.
    • Our game of secret messages is a little one-sided as his referrals don't seem to work properly.
    • Robertson, soulless puppetmaster that he is, says that the plans are just games.
    • I don't plan on playing silly name games with those who plan on regulating speech for our own good.
    • The intent of the film, however, is not to play clever, reflexive narrative games.
    • She is deliciously evil as she plots and schemes her power games.
    • She was playing into his game and the plan was supposed to be that he played into hers.
    • The governing party, the BJP, has played an apparently clever game in getting to where it is.
    • This was the first move in a complicated and clever double game to return to power.
    • They're playing a very clever game and that's why we can't see properly what's going on.
    • One who thinks or says otherwise indulges in the game of double standards.
    • If you want to play this game until you come across some hard evidence, that's up to you.
    • We can do this, and if we wanted to stigmatize each other, we can all play this game.
    • This is a very dangerous game because who is to say he will not call their bluff?
    • He's a pawn in his game, a partner turned prey who has just one day to pick up the street smarts that will get him through.
    • Surely the hunt organisers are not stupid enough to believe that their little game was going to continue forever.
  • 6 informal

    (business, trade)
    I'm in the publishing/antiques game estoy metido en el mundo editorial/en el negocio de las antigüedades
    • The main thing coming into the professional game is that I didn't know where to work or what they were expecting from me.
    • Trade and economic growth are positive-sum games, in which there can be winners without losers.
    • It often seems to be about performance, parliamentary games and all that type of nonsense.
    • At first it was just a game - buying notional shares and sitting on them.
    • They will start playing a whole new game when you're saying those things as a Senator.
    • Amiable careerists who can avoid making enemies have a definite leg up in this game.
    • We are new to this game of bidding for sports events, and haven't hosted many.
    • Now I'm frequently told that championing manufacturing is yesterday's game.
    • The state can hire in expertise to play the private sector's game, but this simply adds to the expense.
    • Readers might think that only the biggest Indian companies can get into the global takeover game.
    • Now, in the fame game that is modern cooking, Novelli already has a keen advantage.
    • She is more interested in playing some silly political game than she is about the extra tax that will be imposed.
  • 7

    (in hunting)
    caza feminine
    big game caza mayor
    • game fishing pesca deportiva
    • The browns and tans and whites of poised game can blend with the background foliage.
    • They were very much plant eaters, hunting live game for either the sport or the bones to construct their settlements.
    • Home of the Bushmen, the arid reaches of the Kalahari has some spectacularly wild and remote game viewing areas.
    • Forests were also the home to more animal life, in the form of wild game, than could be found as domesticated livestock.
    • Nick did not bring extra food because he expected to catch fish or hunt game, but was unsuccessful.
    • Sporting shooting of game or clays is a legal pastime enjoyed by many people of all ages and from all social backgrounds.
    • It comes on a long rod that a hunter pushes into the ground to hold the bow while the hunter waits for game.
    • Blunt cone shaped arrow heads made of bone have been found at other sites that were intended to stun or kill small game or birds.
    • I trotted slowly through the hunting grounds of our pack and looked for sign of game.
    • They ate all their fish and then realized that was it for the day unless they were willing to hunt game.
    • Using gas, smoke, poison or other stupefying substances in hunting game is also banned.
    • If we had nothing from the night before, I'd set off with the crossbow and go hunting small game.
    • There is also evidence in relation to the edges of the lake, evidence of hunting for native game.
    • They admitted being in a danger area and hunting game without permission.
    • This bill would not affect the ability of a person to operate a feeder for purposes other than hunting game.
    • In this way, balance between the numbers of hunters and of game was preserved through the ages.
    • Wildflowers are gathered for decoration, fur is worn for its warmth and game is hunted because it tastes good.
    • At least a dozen groups of hunters shoot game in this part of the Eastern Rhodopes every year.
    • The Zambian national parks are considered to have the largest concentration of game in the world.
    • Slow of foot, but agile of mind, how did he catch the speedy antelope and other game which provided him with his protein?
  • 8

    caza feminine
    • Foods to avoid include red meat, particularly game, offal, beef, pork and lamb.
    • He insists that all the meat is Scottish and the seafood, game, fruit and vegetables are local and delivered each day.
    • The seafood and game are excellent, and the staff insist on knowing what you plan to prepare and giving advice.
    • Its flavour goes particularly well with saline flavours: ham, pork, sausages and game.
    • We have undoubtedly the best beef in the world, our seafood is unbeatable, as are our game, lamb and wild mushrooms.
    • Anyone who can tell you how long to hang game, or any meat, unless you are using a butcher's chiller, is either a liar or a prophet.
    • The warning comes after reports of anonymous individuals selling meat and game from vehicles across the county.
    • For my ingredients I get my fish from the market at North Shields or up at Amble, and my meat and game locally.
    • Served in a sauce with beef, game or shellfish, it can lift the flavour perfectly.
    • Whisky, seafood, poultry, game and confectionery remain our most popular exports.
    • The Old Inn at Gairloch is famous for its seafood and game but it is worth holding back to enjoy pudding.
    • In addition to cultivated products, the farmer gathered other food from the wild such as fruits, fish, and game.
    • The menu is strong on game and meat dishes, with some interesting savoury ice-cream accompaniments.
    • The main courses are great for those who enjoy a heady selection of game and meat.
    • They can be magnificent with joints of lamb and beef or game but to be honest, a big plate of pasta is a more common sight on my dinner plate.
    • The rest of the carcass can be used to make some game stock for gravy or soup, or freeze the carcass to use later.
    • Serfs produced their own wine, ate wild game, raised pigs and chickens, and eked out seasonal vegetables.
    • Earlier news reports said the waitress worked in a restaurant that served wild game.
    • This course could also be game, such as pheasant, wild goat, duck or partridge.
    • We have not yet taken up the gun but we do have a taste for fresh, wild game, and there is plenty of access to it here.


  • 1

    (attempt/person) animoso
    to be game (for sth/to + inf)
    • Saturday's match saw a good turnout of players eager to get game time prior to the league season.
    • Game for a laugh is Denis, but I digress.
    • If you want others to be game, you've got to also be game yourself once in a while.
    • He was quite game about the issue, and mostly gave straight answers.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (in gambling, in video games)
    • Contemporary interests include the phenomenon of fan culture and video gaming.
    • Nintendo has been around longer than video gaming and it most likely will stay that way forever.
    • Has there been a big enough paradigm shift in our culture to create a change in gaming?
    • Eight artists celebrate the digital playground of games, sounds and the aesthetics of computer gaming.
    • Dundee and Los Angeles are not easily confused, but one thing they have in common is excellence in computer gaming.
    • Does your gender, in your opinion, affect how you relate to computer gaming?
    • Snooker is a bit of a niche market when it comes to console gaming.
    • While in high school and college I played the game regularly and, in the groups I gamed with, I often won; certainly well above the statistical expectations for the game.
    • It's best to warn you that you can only play this if you're serious about gaming.
    • You get to feed your computer gaming addiction, plus hang out with your crew.
    • Is the idea of computer gaming tailored to young women fundamentally flawed, or are people just not doing it right?
    • It's a technological marvel and will give computer gaming a whole new meaning.
    • The constant tension in the game is unlike any other experience in gaming today.
    • The multiplayer mobile gaming service will initially include two games.
    • Down below, the regular punters swarm around hundreds of baize gaming tables.
    • When the first gaming casino was established on a reserve, a SWAT team took the chief away in chains.
    • Now it is home to the main shopping mall and gaming rooms of the Casino complex.
    • All in all, the indications are that the research might tell us something about how the brain behaves when gaming.
    • Is it a product of the game, or is it a personality type that is predisposed to gaming?
    • Watch out for high rollers from the US gaming industry heading for Europe.
    • The changes will not yet impact on Northern Ireland gaming laws that still ban casinos.
    • That's not dealt with anywhere in any gaming agreement in Canada and that's where we have to lead.
    • Canada is an important market for the poker group but there are doubts about if the firm's gaming licence is legitimate.
    • Building can only begin once the government relaxes gaming laws, which is expected to happen early next year.
    • It pleased me to see the diehard's still gaming the next day, at the same table as I had left them the night before.
    • New gaming laws could also allow bingo clubs to offer other services, such as horse race betting and fruit machines.
    • The War Games group gamed the war-plan of the opposing side in order to try out unexpected moves.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The problem is, such systems can be gamed.
    • That company is a case in point, where they create a "market failure" by gaming the system in their favor.
    • He was gaming the Time magazine most influential person poll.
    • The President got gamed by bad information again as that person told Him what he wants to hear.
    • But the truth is, the doc and foreign process has been a problem and has been gamed by the players for years.
    • Either solution fails if I'm unscrupulous, and willing to take personal risk by gaming the system.
    • Otherwise candidates and parties would constantly game the system and change the rules, undermining the legitimacy of every election.
    • Earlier this week FERC sent letters to more than 120 California energy producers ordering them to "admit or deny" that they gamed the market.
    • But it's fun to hear developers talking about gaming the market as an enriching experience.
    • I think they said it was $500 or $600 we were all paying because people were gaming in the bankruptcy system.
    • Any manager interested in genuine progress, therefore, monitors the numbers carefully and looks for signs that the system is being gamed.
    • It's a result of speculators who gamed the system, regulators who looked the other way, lobbyists who bought their way into our government.
    • It's the result of speculators who gamed the system, regulators who looked the other way, lobbyists who bought their way into our government.
    • Today's scandals, however, indicate that too many public corporations have been gaming the disclosure system, either subtly or brazenly.
    • But it is also incumbent upon all of us to insist that nations like Iran and North Korea do not game the system.
    • We're trying to take a scalpel and carve out this very small percentage of the people that are gaming the system.
    • The Colonel s own assessment, made after gaming all the potentialities, is that a strike on Bushehr and associated targets is almost unavoidable.
    • Military analysts have gamed it out.
    • Wealth has gamed the system.
    • Even if they do use some fancy mathematical model to value different mortgages, those in Wall Street have long made money by gaming against these models.