Translation of gamine in Spanish:


de muchachito, n.

Pronunciation /ɡæˈmin/ /ɡaˈmiːn/


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    chica con aspecto de muchachito
    (features) (before noun) de muchachito
    (hairstyle) a la garçon
    (hairstyle) a la garçonne
    • The missing link between Burroughs and Ginsberg on the one hand and Dylan and Richards on the other, she was a working-class Catholic girl from New Jersey and a possessed gamine whose performances verged on the shamanistic.
    • The bel canto opera repertoire is most closely associated with Bellini's deranged heroines and Donizetti's game gamines.
    • Amelie herself is along the lines of the beloved gamine; comparisons with Audrey Hepburn abound in the film's press.
    • When I think of flappers, I picture androgynous gamines in shapeless dresses and waggling beads sipping illegal hooch while the Charleston plays in the background.
    • Next we see her dining alone in the posh Søllerød Inn, pleading poverty to the imperious waiter, and then biting into her crust of bread, like a Chaplin gamine, when she first encounters the spass of the idiot-group of the title.
    • A conceivable relative, she is fabulous and mythical in her own right, even if her head is not an eagle's but a sexy gamine's, and her body coltish rather than leonine.
    • In Self-Portrait, the artist presents herself as a clear-eyed gamine, seemingly defined by the field of animals, dolls and tchotchkes that surround her image.
    • Amélie is the perfect holiday movie for so many reasons, including the obvious fact that it involves a cute gamine who eventually gets everything her little heart desires.
    • I've been a fan since I was a boy with my first major movie-star crush, all the more when I discovered that the adorable, to-die-for gamine of Breakfast at Tiffany's was also a great humanitarian.
    • During the intermission I noticed Roberto, at the rail of one of the boxes, deep in conversation with a wiry, chignoned gamine.
    • Her performance in Love was remarkably assured; she seems the essential gamine.
    • These streets are the marketplace for garrulous gamine, who ekes out a living selling flowers to wealthy slummers.
    • Among these immigrants, these strange foreigners, he notices a strange figure: a willowy gamine dancing to entertain the staff.
    • He sleeps with the beautiful, full-figured prostitutes who walk the streets of Rue Bleue, pines after the gamine next door and develops a taste for rock 'n' roll and le jazz Americain.
    • Sciorelli's dark eyes watch a young gamine pass by the table.
    • She plays Julie, a stock character familiar to devotees of the art film: the adorably fey, nearly silent gamine looking for love.