Translation of gang in Spanish:


banda, n.

Pronunciation /ɡæŋ/ /ɡaŋ/

Definition of banda in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(of criminals)

      banda feminine
      pandilla feminine
      • Former military figures have been implicated in drug trafficking and kidnappings by organized criminal gangs.
      • In its most dangerous form, it can include the organized activities of predator gangs, criminal groups, and drug trafficking networks.
      • They are often suspected of being criminals from organized gangs.
      • That is why Labour is going to introduce ID cards to boost our efforts in tackling the organised criminal gangs who traffic illegal immigrants, drugs and money into our communities.
      • Organised criminal gangs using JCBs are raiding Scotland's wild plants, making tens of thousands of pounds a time.
      • The problem, he said, is a Europe-wide one, with organised criminal gangs stealing up to £10 billion worth of goods each year.
      • The documents contained sensitive information on informants, north west criminal gangs and even bank accounts detailing payments for information.
      • That clearly demonstrates to me that there is scope for changing the legislation and looking at civil forfeiture as a way of bringing more assets in from organised criminal gangs.
      • The more established parts of organised criminal gangs seek to make investments in the ‘legitimate’ economy, by buying companies or real estate.
      • Authorities believe criminal gangs and paramilitary organisations are making hundreds of millions of euro every year from a range of criminal activity.
      • Credit and debit card fraud has increased by 53% during the past two years, with organised criminal gangs being blamed for the rise.
      • She added that most vulnerable residents of the city have become the prey of organised and powerful criminal gangs.
      • Organised criminal gangs, using highly sophisticated techniques, are often behind them.
      • We have been very weak in how we deal with gangs and criminal organisations in this country.
      • The police will be taking a hard look at organised criminal gangs operating in the city.
      • Criminal gangs use the information you enter to empty your bank account or spend on your credit card.
      • After becoming an expert pickpocket he organizes a gang of thieves, whose goods he receives and sells at huge profit to himself.
      • Many of the ingredients of the original are present and correct: a gang of cool criminals; a daring bullion heist; and a sleek fleet of Minis as getaway cars.
      • Basingstoke police are hunting a gang of criminals believed to be behind a string of burglaries where elderly people's homes have been targeted.
      • In an attempt to come up with the cash, they formulate a plan to rob a ragtag gang of criminals who are planning a heist.

    • 1.2(of youths)

      pandilla feminine
      • He goes from James Brown to Philip Glass In The Commitments, I decided I wanted to bring a gang of young people together.
      • Pulling out of Queen's Park, heading towards Maida Vale through the smart terraces, it was all very nice, until at the Harrow Road a big gang of bus enthusiasts came on.
      • He was worried about the availability of toilet facilities and electricity for the gang.
      • Soon enough, the gang is all together and they're playing a game of high stakes poker.
      • The next day, the gang got together at the mall like we always did.
      • It was going to be the first time the gang had all been together since the last day of school.
      • Suddenly it's next December 31, and the gang's all together again to ring in another year.
      • That night the whole gang got together to celebrate the beginning of a new family.
      • Let's get the rest of the gang together and hang out at the canteen.

    • 1.3(of workmen)

      cuadrilla feminine
      • This shopkeeper takes me to see a former government official who was tasked with beating tribals used for road gangs in the Karen state, in far eastern Burma.
      • After a spell on the road gangs, some thirty more were sent for several years to the coal mines at Newcastle, reopened for them.
      • The road gang's contract was abruptly cancelled as Arthur's Pass became the preferred route through to the coast.
      • Prior to 1927, when county convict road gangs were sometimes used by the SHC, there is no explicit mention of the race of convict laborers.
      • The number of convicts used in road gangs in Alabama increased rapidly in the late 1940s as demobilization increased the population of young men.
      • Despite the proven utility of convict road gangs for construction work, the postwar trend was definitely headed in the direction of maintenance work.
      • By the 1960s SHD enthusiasm for using convict road gangs was apparently in decline as the system dwindled away to a remnant.
      • Men worked on road gangs, though before long labour shortages led Ottawa to encourage them to move eastwards to Central Canadian manufacturing plants.
      • The reappearance of road gangs in Alabama revived painful images of the state and the South as a backward and racist region.
      • The majority of the county convicts placed in state custody were put to work on prison farms rather than on road gangs.
      • He seems to have worked on road gangs for a time and in a shoe repair factory before rheumatism forced him to quit.
      • The prison warden declared that he was a ‘trusty’ and had served on the road gang without trouble.
      • He had the pleasure of working with rail gangs under the supervision of three locals, all now long retired.
      • Trading standards officials in North Yorkshire are warning householders about teams of itinerant asphalt-laying gangs operating in the county.
      • At the age of 11, he paid the taxes on that farm by working on the county road gang.
      • African male slaves described as being from the same ‘nation’ in Africa often labored together in work gangs.
      • Some were lynched and many others brought before the courts where they were convicted and sentenced to long terms working on county chain and highway gangs.
      • For the next six months he and a gang of voluntary workers worked night after night to transform the vacant site into the first Celtic Park.
      • The planners and tunnel gangs had done their job with impressive skill.
      • Several years later the state attempted to make the road gangs all black again.

    • 1.4(of children)

      pandilla feminine
      panda feminine

    • 1.5informal (clique)

      grupo masculine
      the same old gang running things el grupito de siempre dirigiendo el cotarro informal

  • 2

    (of tools)
    juego masculine
    • I've currently got a three gang switch which I'm taking one light off of and moving to a separate switch.
  • 3US informal

    (large number)
    montón masculine informal
    pila feminine informal