Translation of gas chamber in Spanish:

gas chamber

cámara de gas, n.


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    cámara de gas feminine
    • This is best done by storing in an inert gas chamber or in a vacuum chamber.
    • There was a gas chamber and furnace room in one barracks.
    • After a few months of work, they received the same fate in the gas chamber or were killed by firing squads.
    • She'll be taken to the gas chambers and killed there.
    • This is where they killed countless thousands in gas chambers.
    • His father had been killed in the gas chambers and he had no one else.
    • He is introduced into the camp scene after having miraculously survived the horror of a gas chamber killing in which all others perished.
    • The presence and use of gas chambers are matters best left to real evidence.
    • Beyond those incapable of work and selected for the gas chambers, it had a huge prison population mainly engaged in slave labour.
    • Using a drawing, he reportedly describes a gas chamber and the victims he says he saw at the prison in the northeast of North Korea, near the Russian border.
    • They're putting them in gas chambers and suffocating them.
    • During that time, thousands more had perished in the gas chambers.
    • Secular humanism leads to the gas chambers simply because it does not recognise our capacity for self deception and evil.
    • I wondered if he thought he was going to die, or be herded onto the boxcars to die later in the gas chambers, or if he knew he would persevere.
    • He has said in the past that the gas chambers were just a detail of history.
    • But, without his intervention, so many more would have died with their parents in the gas chambers.
    • For a year they housed a refugee whose whole family died in gas chambers.
    • The camps were the transit camps used before people were taken to the concentration camps with gas chambers.
    • So far, no one has clarified how these false gas chambers worked, and what proof there is of their existence.
    • They gave us an insight into the kinds of minds that created the gas chambers.