Translation of gas mask in Spanish:

gas mask

máscara antigás, n.


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    máscara antigás feminine
    • Take care of your gas mask and your gas mask will take care of you.
    • The main defence against them is protective clothing - gas masks and special suits made of rubber or treated synthetic cloth.
    • ‘I think it was to test the sort of rubber they used for protective clothing and gas masks,’ he said.
    • The experts wore gas masks and a cylinder-shaped protective wall was erected around the site.
    • That way, she could get into the presidential office disguised as a rescue worker with a gas mask to cover her face.
    • In addition, they all wore a re-breather mask, which looks something like a gas mask.
    • Because of the larger canister and the better fitting of the face pieces, gas masks give greater protection.
    • Armies quickly produced gas masks that gave protection as long as sufficient warning was given of a gas attack.
    • A gas mask on his face made an unearthly breathing sound as he did so.
    • The atmosphere is poisonous, so she wears a gas mask as she works.
    • The local media reported that in both cases officers in protective suits, carrying air tanks and wearing gas masks, were at the scene.
    • In front of the posse a mime artist sporting a gas mask and grim reaper costume moved ominously above bins covered in toxic waste signs.
    • The pollution haze in the extensive model shots was actually vaporized diesel fuel, pumped into a special studio where the staff wore gas masks.
    • The anthrax attacks are a case in point: the world immediately feared the worst, shops in York sold out of gas masks, but the mass panic proved unwarranted.
    • But to just be sure, that's the reason we distribute the gas masks and do the other things that we're doing here.
    • After a petition to the Supreme Court, the court ordered the army to distribute gas masks to the local population, as well.
    • My investigation into buying gas masks continues.
    • We had to do the whole weapons qualification again to make sure that we knew how to operate a weapon, but also we did a lot of training with gas masks.
    • Men in gas masks went door - to-door to distribute medication.
    • It is an emerging threat, it is something we need to deal with, but people should not be buying gas masks and antibiotics.