Translation of gas pump in Spanish:

gas pump

surtidor, n.


  • 1

    (in service station) surtidor masculine
    (in service station) bomba bencinera feminine Chile
    (in service station) bomba feminine Andes, Venezuela
    (in car) bomba de combustible feminine
    • Never leave your receipt or slip in the ATM or gas pump.
    • Filling stations are selling ad space in the tiny screens on their gas pumps.
    • Don't throw credit-card receipts from stores or gas pumps in public trash receptacles.
    • The village usually had a store with gas pumps out front, and a cooler hunkered squarely beside the entrance.
    • One of the looming indicators of economic progress was the length of the wait at gas pumps.
    • Benzene's toxicity led to the collars around gas pump nozzles that limit inhalation while people fill up their tanks.
    • By waving a device at a reader on the gas pump and having their credit cards automatically billed, customers could cut 30 seconds from a transaction.
    • The sales drop at the gas pump concealed strong increases at other stores, as well as at restaurants.