Translation of gatefold in Spanish:


página desplegable, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪtˌfoʊld/ /ˈɡeɪtfəʊld/


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    página desplegable feminine
    • Lift the first gatefold up, the second gatefold down and the next gatefold sideways to the left.
    • The book is notable for its four variously conceived gatefolds.
    • It is a lavish piece of publishing - four sorts of paper, double and triple gatefolds, copious colour photographs and drawings - intended to provide a visual record of the exhibition.
    • There is an even balance of nearly 300 color and black-and-white photos; this includes four gatefolds that measure nearly 1.25 meters in length.
    • It contains early images, gatefolds, installation shots and drawings, as well as two scrolls that can be removed and unrolled.
    • The album comes in a gatefold digi-pack with a separate booklet with lots of photos, all the lyrics and as much information as you are likely to need on the band.
    • The inside gatefold of McCartney, the former Beatle's first recording apart from his legendary group, was festooned with a collage of family photos.
    • It explains the ideas behind the inkblots and the gatefold / recordsleeve-like format of the catalogue.
    • Perhaps there'll even be a couple of sleeve fetishists unconsciously drawn to the lovely gatefold packaging.
    • And they're talking about something else these pesky kids wouldn't understand - the snap, crackle and pop that an old gatefold album sleeve made when you opened it up.
    • If it does, the third album - which will be delayed three years while the band self-destructs - will feature a gatefold cover, lyrics printed on the sleeve, and perhaps custom art on the record label.
    • And, unsurprisingly, the packaging is equally gorgeous - an embossed gatefold CD sleeve complete with black disc envelope and postcard, as well as slightly skewed typeface setting.
    • Their well-finished gatefold digipaks make the old jewel boxes seem cheap and clumsy while getting closer to the feel of the original 12-inch LPs.
    • Designing a band's digital image, whether that's for the mobile phone, emerging digital networks or the World Wide Web, is going to be as important as a gatefold sleeve.
    • Those who feel they have something they need to say are usually the ones most deserving of a good thrashing when the results are posted on the gatefold sleeve.
    • The world map on the gatefold hints at his global impact.
    • As an impressionable 16-year old, I thought it was normal for a gatefold album to contain poetry by a musician's guru.
    • There's a picture on him on the gatefold sleeve on the original LP release of the album.
    • The gatefold sleeve is rather fetching, but the music within is anything but.
    • Right then, I have a spare ‘mint’ copy of this LP on gatefold vinyl which needs a good home.