Translation of gearbox in Spanish:


caja de cambios, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɪrˌbɑks/ /ˈɡɪəbɒks/


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    Motor Vehicles caja de cambios feminine
    Motor Vehicles caja de velocidades feminine
    Mechanics caja de engranajes feminine
    • Effectively the gearbox engages the next highest gear but does not activate it until the optimum point has been reached.
    • These are available with either five or six-speed manual gearboxes with an optional six-speed tiptronic automatic transmission.
    • The manual gearbox has a tendency to be notchy and the auto gearbox doesn't change particularly smoothly.
    • Effectively it's two manual gearboxes put together, one providing ‘odd’ gears and the other providing ‘even’ gears.
    • The gearbox has a squidgy consistency that makes gear shifts feel like stirring congealed rice pudding.
    • Gears and gearboxes are significantly different on road-course cars.
    • We checked the massive engine room and filmed the now rusty gears on the open gearbox.
    • Just put the six speed manual gearbox in sixth gear, and it becomes almost a relaxing grand tourer.
    • So does the double-clutch gearbox, which moves straight from one gear to the next with no pause and no snatch.
    • They will say for certain that the new gearbox has exactly six forward gears, which is one more than on previous models.
    • Automobile majors are increasingly using India as a sourcing base for critical components such as engines, transmissions and gearboxes.
    • Head gaskets, clutch cables, gearboxes and stuck handbrakes feature most commonly on the tired and dying list.
    • The engine plant also produces the gearbox and highly complicated gearing components.
    • I prefer manual gearboxes, and this five-speeder is well matched to the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine's characteristics.
    • His proposals include fitting cars with smaller engines and banning power steering and automatic gearboxes.
    • This engine is offered with a choice of five-speed manual or four-speed automatic gearboxes.
    • The final option for powering boats is the simple single or twin-engined installation of standard petrol or diesel engines with gearboxes and shafts.
    • The slick gearbox and torquey engine make low speed driving a breeze too.
    • The UK however will get a five-speed manual gearbox for the lower horsepower model.
    • Discrete buttons mounted behind the wheel give you fingertip control over the gearbox.