Translation of gearshift in Spanish:


palanca de cambio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɪrˌʃɪft/ /ˈɡɪəʃɪft/


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    palanca de cambio feminine
    palanca de velocidades feminine Mexico
    • The vehicle is available with a six-passenger configuration, which does away with the center console and puts the gear shift lever on the steering column.
    • I'm sure the car absolutely surges along if you get the one that's fitted with a four-litre V8 petrol engine and a manual gear shift, but mine had the 2.5-litre diesel and was automatic.
    • The bystanders jumped out of the way of the speeding Japanese machine as he pulled on the gear shift with a smooth control.
    • If you offer gear shift knobs, steering wheels and other interior components in a variety of colors, you have to have the parts available in all the colors to make repairs.
    • I would sit in his lap; he would run the gear shift, clutch, and brake.
    • I jammed the gear shift into park and jumped out of the car, wiping my pants off.
    • Initially, customers groused about a grinding gear shift, poor air-conditioning, and lousy tires.
    • You move a cursor around the screen by turning a knob set between the seats, directly behind the gear shift, and enter commands by pushing down on the knob.
    • The invitation fell into a crevice between the gear shift and the seat.
    • The gauges are laid out perfectly, and the seats are deep and the gear shift is high.
    • It was remarkably straightforward in concept, a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive twin-seat sports car with a short-throw gear shift, long bonnet, short rear end and pop-up headlights.
    • ‘If the car is supposed to cater to the needs of people who love adventure, why is the gear shift so close to the CD / cassette player, in between the beverage holder and ashtray,’ a friend said.
    • He had chosen it because it was an English car, so the steering wheel was on the right side; driving on the right side of the road would be confusing enough without having to deal with a gear shift on the wrong side of the wheel.
    • I doubt if they made another one, but it was certainly a well engineered little project - other than the gear shift.
    • Many cyclists don't understand the gear shift patterns.
    • Instead of a foot-operated gear shift pedal it had a button on the handlebar.
    • It may take longer to learn to cope with a new kind of gear shift in my car, and I may have trouble discarding some of the old responses practiced daily over a number of years.
    • It brings the same high level of quality, bank-vault body structure, feathery gear shifts and magic carpet ride of its predecessor and adds many improvements.