Translation of geek chic in Spanish:

geek chic

geek chic, n.


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    geek chic masculine
    • My clothes now have an easygoing geek chic look that my friends say well suits my personality.
    • He studied computing, and had a certain air of geek chic about him.
    • For one thing he's not simply another Hollywood hot shot embracing geek chic for the sake of a part.
    • It's all part of the new geek chic which means it finally is really hip to be square.
    • Finally picked up my ultra geek chic glasses on Saturday.
    • There's plenty of the knitted stuff to choose from: will it be a touch of modern day 70s geek chic with a tank top?
    • Self-assured and well coiffed, with square geek-chic glasses, he's a far cry from the stereotypical pasty and ponytailed tech jock.
    • We're in a time of geek chic - a lot of girls go for that type.
    • Phones have become geek chic fashion accessories.
    • This is bound to be the next wave in Japanese geek chic: remote-controlled home robots.