Translation of generation in Spanish:


generación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdʒɛnəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /dʒɛnəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(people of similar age)

      generación feminine
      the postwar generation la generación de la posguerra
      • the older generation la gente de más edad
      • she belongs to a different generation es de otra generación
      • But the anti-capitalist movement represents, above all, the entry of a new generation into political activity.
      • His appearance as Hamlet at the Old Vic Theatre in London established him as one of the most talented actors of his generation, ideally suited to the great Shakespearean roles.
      • It launched the careers of a new generation of Scottish actors.
      • She is more concerned, however, with the new generation of Scottish actors who have gone straight to Hollywood, bypassing the Scottish stage.
      • He fitted so comfortably into the role of misfit that it became a template for a whole generation of actors.
      • After the political somnolence of the McCarthy era, the ban the bomb and civil rights movements awakened a new generation of young activists.
      • And what is most objected to by the new generation of human rights activists has been precisely the demand for neutrality.
      • He's won an adoring young following, after being championed by lads' magazines and a new generation of actors.
      • What makes him stand out even among a generation of excellent young actors?
      • Against that background a new generation of activists, inspired by the global outlook of the anti-capitalist movement, is turning to ideas of mass struggle.
      • Then came the rise of the anti-capitalist and anti-war movement which has galvanised a new generation of activists and enthused many others.
      • The movement saw the emergence of a new generation of activists.
      • But a new generation of young activists were drawn into politics by the struggle.
      • At 34, she is a rising star in the first generation of private property developers in more than half a century.
      • It only scratches the surface of what will result as new methods of communication develop and future generations of users emerge.
      • We must ensure quality care for future surgical patients by developing a new generation of perioperative nurses.
      • It will be operated by the English Golf Union and is designed to help develop the next generation of champions capable of winning on the world stage.
      • Subsequent versions of Linux and their source code have been freely available over the internet, attracting a new generation of software developers.
      • Has New Zealand spawned a generation of video-game developers?
      • The goal is to develop a new generation of soldiers using robot technology.

    • 1.2(in families)

      generación feminine
      second-/third-generation Americans estadounidenses de segunda/tercera generación
      • That dining table is a place where mom's going to prepare the Thanksgiving Dinner for two or three generations of family members and share and create memories.
      • Over 50 family members from three generations crowded in for the party.
      • Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, family members of all generations have been lost.
      • She is the last member of her generation of a respected family.
      • Both were built with the aim of teaching the younger generation to love family members.
      • Members of three generations of a family died in their car when sandwiched between the lorries.
      • This study found the traditional knowledge of healing and use of medicinal plants is disseminated through generations by family members.
      • People recognize members of previous generations of family or local figures as well as regions, counties, and hometowns.
      • In other words, several members of different generations of the same family are affected with a higher than normal frequency.
      • For this family, religion provides a band that connects family members across generations.
      • She has been able to identify the condition in as many as three generations of a single family.
      • The passing of a beloved relative is always sad, but there is something especially poignant about the death of the last member of a generation in a family.
      • A large compound with brothers and their wives will always be bustling with family members of several generations and children of many ages.
      • Groups at the march ranged from union activists to medical students wearing their white coats to three generations of family members.
      • As you know, there have been four generations of family members running the company, and that generational growth is what we look for.
      • It descended through three generations of a family from Deans, New Jersey, and bears the names of three family members pinpricked on the frame.
      • For the project, the children spoke to members of older generations, either older family members or friends to ask about how life was when they were children.
      • Michael was a member of an old and respected family and is the last member of his generation.
      • A 26-year-old man was jailed for life and two others jailed for 18 years each for their parts in an arson attack on a house which left three generations of the same family dead.
      • The book is set in the 1960s and tells the story of four generations of one family living in a rambling old house.

    • 1.3(type)

      generación feminine
      a new generation of civil servants/politicians una nueva generación de funcionarios/políticos
      • first-/fifth-generation computers computadoras de primera/quinta generación

    • 1.4(length of time)

      generación feminine
      • Substantial urban change is generally expected to span prolonged periods: decades, generations, centuries.
      • Even as courts have, over the past two generations, grown more dismissive of hunches, there has been a counter-revolution in the cognitive sciences.
      • Do foods produced from today's high-yield crops have the same nutritional quality as those grown in generations past?
      • Our youth are growing up in a generation where motivation is a politically correct term parading as selfish bias.
      • Not only are policemen getting younger, but people are living longer - ten years more on average than a generation ago.
      • For countless generations, children have grown up to take over the farm work, never knowing or expecting to know how to read or write.
      • A school yard game that's been around for generations seems to be growing in popularity and killing kids.
      • For generations, people have grown up with the constant message that life is good, and they have internalised it.
      • Eventually, over a period of many generations, the remainder of the brain capacity will be utilised.
      • His village had grown garlic chives for generations, but the land could not keep up with the population.
      • It will be generations before anything grows back in vast areas of the Park.
      • The trauma the abused person experienced will spread to other family members for generations.
      • Over five generations, family members have lived through the boom and bust cycles of life on the land.
      • It was tended by a single family for six generations before it became part of the collection.
      • He himself feels this comes from a generation back when members of both sides of his family were blacksmiths.
      • He believes it could be impossible to replace the stock his family took three generations to breed and he could still be out of pocket.
      • This has been my family's house for generations!
      • Many churches have little memorials to families who have been members for generations, or who have been particularly generous of their time and treasure.

  • 2

    (act of generating)
    generación feminine
    • Oil was in turn followed by gas, increasingly used for electricity generation, which brought power and light to households throughout the world.
    • With the higher demand last year, he said its power plants had used less natural gas in electricity generation.
    • The main example I chose was the use of nuclear power for electricity generation.
    • Renewable ‘green’ power will definitely be playing an important part in electricity generation in the years to come.
    • ‘It makes absolutely no sense to burn coal for electricity generation,’ he said.
    • We have greatly limited sulfur emissions from electricity generation, thereby reducing risks from acid rain.
    • One of them is the reserve electricity generation that we have already mentioned, and I am pleased that action has been taken about that.
    • I can't understand why you would question me about whether this is really for electricity generation.
    • We rely very heavily on fossil fuel generation of electricity and renewable energies provides a very, very clean alternative.
    • It will be the job of wind engineers to tailor designs to specific wind regimes to maximize electricity generation.
    • In the longer term, it says that there is an available resource from renewables to account for half of the UK's electricity generation.
    • We are not allowed to use coal in our electricity generation.
    • Scotland's vast renewable energy sources will certainly have some direct contribution to make to electricity generation.
    • Has the Minister received any advice recently about Government planning for more electricity generation?
    • Much energy will be spent making energy, such as electricity generation and the process of liquefying natural gas.
    • This cooperative interaction influences both the magnitude and kinetics of force generation in skeletal muscle.
    • All are capable of intensifying oxyradical generation in vivo and depleting tissue antioxidant stores.
    • Previously described protocols were used for isolation of mitochondria and generation of cytochrome spectra.
    • His secondary goal was to use the area as an incubator for business generation.
    • Patents are meant to reward the inventors but also to promote progress through the generation of useful new products.