Translation of generic in Spanish:


genérico, adj.

Pronunciation /dʒəˈnɛrɪk/ /dʒɪˈnɛrɪk/

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    (name/characteristic/term) genérico
    • One final point of emphasis: this evaluation should be done in terms of generic deployments, not specific ones.
    • The interiors are neither universal nor generic but specific, tailored, and unpredictable.
    • A lot of courses that I would be interested in aren't available in the summer, so I'm stuck with generic classes.
    • It is written in broad and generic terms and, as a result, remains relatively unchanged for three to five years.
    • The inclusion of context specific as well as generic aspects of methodological quality is sometimes sensible.
    • This makes it relatively difficult to relate to the characters despite the universally generic themes of this genre.
    • As long as an applicant achieved the requisite points on the generic characteristics cited above he or she would gain selection.
    • Look through the pictures and pigeonhole each one into a generic class.
    • Equally though, it can be based on a template or a model that is more generic in nature.
    • "If I had a more generic name, I'd sign petitions with impunity, " he said.
    • However, the law has historically held that generic terms cannot be trademarks.
    • Although that premise is fairly generic, it still hits a few good notes.
    • In truth, it's fairly generic for this sort of thing.
    • Lurking inside that generic category was a simple set of steps that is the essence of design.
    • Again, it's a pretty generic story, but it's consistently watchable.
    • Initially he would have sort of linked the two together as generic processes of defence.
    • The point I make here is that " architect " is a generic term.
    • Trademarks must be enforced or they risk becoming generic, and not protected.
    • Once a trademark has become generic, it must remain available for all to use.
    • Carrying out similar duties each day at work makes the tasks generic, which interferes with your ability to recall.
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    (drug/product) no de marca


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    producto no de marca masculine