Translation of generous in Spanish:


generoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(open-handed)

      (person) generoso
      (person) dadivoso
      (person) magnánimo
      (contribution) generoso
      to be generous with sth
      • she is generous with her money
      • she's very generous with her criticism
      • he wasn't exactly generous with the rum
      • for a superb dessert, be generous with the sherry
      • I have been too generous with the salt
      he's very generous to his children es muy generoso con sus hijos
      • he must have been in a generous mood! ¡debía sentirse de lo más generoso / dadivoso!
      • your gift was more than generous tu regalo fue realmente espléndido
      • She was incredibly generous with her money, showering those she loved with gifts.
      • Nothing wrong ever came of being generous with your money, and he had enough to share.
      • He is generous with his time and money, and a principled and loyal friend.
      • Needless to say I've been very generous with the quantity of feedback.
      • They are so generous with their time and talent and they are always more than willing to help out with causes such as this.
      • But he's generous with his time, his anecdotes, and especially his funny voices.
      • Tom thanked all those that supported the event and those who were so generous with their sponsorship.
      • You are generous with family and associates offering praise wherever deserved.
      • He thanked in particular the local councillors who were generous with their allocations.
      • It is generous with rumours and not always scrupulous about sources.
      • It's often easy to be generous with your time and talent when you're sure that things are going well.
      • You are asked to please be generous with your donations, which are always appreciated.
      • The school would like to thank all the pupils and parents who were so generous with their donations.
      • He was very generous with his time and always had a willingness to help others.
      • He said residents living in and around Amesbury had always been very generous with their donations.
      • The move would make the 61-year-old tycoon one of Britain's most generous benefactors.
      • "I've knew him to be generous to a fault.
      • You are an incredibly kind person, generous with your time and wonderfully talented.
      • He was generous with his time, but there was no free ice cream.
      • Thank you to everyone who's been generous with advice or information.

    • 1.2(gracious)

      (nature/person/spirit) generoso
      • Those who wanted to attain success ought to be generous and well disposed towards others.
      • We had a wonderful time and his family and friends were kind and generous toward me.
      • To her family she was a loving, kind-hearted and generous mother and grandmother.
      • Tim was noted at all times for his generous, caring and compassionate nature.
      • We are a decent, open, generous and tolerant society by any objective standard.
      • He was a great neighbour and generous friend and his kind nature and good humour endeared him to many.
      • He was not just a name in the news, but a friend whose heart was generous and gentle.
      • Kind, generous and good natured, she was a good friend to many and was devoted to her family.
      • It was a generous and humane impulse that has brought huge benefits to this country.
      • You talk about helping others and being generous and kind and thoughtful to your fellow human beings and you do it.
      • She has shown us around the countryside and been so helpful and generous.
      • Irish people and in particular Westport people have been so very generous in their support for us.
      • I think they would have been more generous in their praise of this performance had they heard it.
      • I've gotten more generous offers in regards to printing and other services than I can count.
      • He wanted to pay his debts but here was a person too generous to let him.
      • Here in Seville, he is as charming, eccentric and as generous of spirit as ever.
      • But perhaps the audience was not feeling so generous.
      • "Few people realise how generous she was to the students, " he said.
      • I suppose I'm being a bit generous with that description too, aren't I?
      • Generous by nature, she was a neighbour and friend of the highest order.

  • 2

    (ample, large)
    (helping/amount) abundante
    (helping/amount) generoso
    a generous cup of flour una taza bien colmada de harina
    • a woman of generous proportions una mujer de generosas / amplias proporciones
    • Add a generous seasoning of Maldon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and they're ready to serve.
    • Add in the parsley, salt and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper and toss.
    • Sprinkle, as you go, with generous pinches of flaky sea salt and vigorous twists of freshly ground black pepper.
    • My tuna was generous in size: a huge slab of fawny-brown meat with a mass of ground peppercorns on top.
    • Her quiche was generous in size and oozing with cheesy-egg and huge chunks of bacon.
    • This was a very generous portion, of smooth, rich, creamy pate with a sweet onion jam.
    • The peppered pork fillets were very generous in size and had a thick crust of black pepper, which gave it a real kick.
    • Put the oil and vinegar into a small dish, season it with salt (I think you can be quite generous here) and some black pepper.
    • Toss the chicken pieces and the peeled cloves of garlic with the olive oil and a generous seasoning of salt and black pepper.
    • Put the minced lamb in a bowl, add the peeled and crushed garlic and a generous grinding of salt and black pepper.
    • All were consumed all too quickly and left me wanting more because the portions were not overly generous.
    • One of Melbourne's miracles is the extraordinarily generous amount of space for players to relax in.
    • There are fabulous monthly draws with superb prizes and the draw also yields the local club generous financial support.
    • From the Scots there was a split verdict, leavened with generous helpings of resignation.
    • But it was a generous helping and a good beginning to the meal.
    • We were in agreement that the food was good, and the portions generous.
    • The portions were generous and I found my tuna to be a delight to savour.
    • Both are bright and generous in size, although neither has built-in storage facilities.
    • The ads are clearly labeled, obvious and generous in size.
    • All four bedrooms are generous in size with all rooms boasting built-in wardrobes.