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genético, adj.

Pronunciación /dʒəˈnɛdɪk/ /dʒəˈnɛtɪk/

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    genetic manipulation manipulación genética
    • An astonishing number of biochemical and genetic techniques are available to study chromatin behavior.
    • It is now cited as the primary source for many basic genetic techniques and approaches.
    • The genetic algorithm technique can work, but only because programmers have supplied the goal.
    • His research has relied predominantly on genetic and molecular biology techniques.
    • There is a report of some recent genetic research at Gene Expression which seems to me to be overinterpreted.
    • Researchers have tried various genetic or gene engineering methods to increase photosynthetic ability.
    • After this, genetic analysis for abnormalities in known genes will be done.
    • This is a problem common to any population genetic analysis in a nonrecombining region.
    • They also used a cell culture model and performed genetic analysis in human patients.
    • Ecotypes such as Ler, that have been traditionally used for genetic studies, come from that region.
    • To date, the genetic debate has taken place in the language of the newspaper headline.
    • That applies surely to the uses of genetic knowledge and technology in relation to all species.
    • Such families are rare for the common diseases now at the centre of genetic epidemiological research.
    • Well in this genetic research there are ethical questions that arise from it.
    • The genetic symbols of the yellow alleles and their origin were described elsewhere.
    • As a first step, a single gene deletion would be advantageous for reverse genetic analysis.
    • With the discovery of the gene a simple and accurate genetic test became available.
    • This one explores genetic science, in particular the ethics of selecting genes for our children.
    • Only those loci with two or more alleles were included in the population genetic analysis.
    • The role of the bicoid gene was first elucidated by a combination of genetic and physical experiments on the Drosophila embryo.