Translation of genetics in Spanish:


genética, n.

Pronunciation /dʒəˈnɛdɪks/ /dʒəˈnɛtɪks/

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    genética feminine
    • I take this to be an invitation to actively study genetics, atmospheric sciences and geology and so on.
    • In doing so it has removed many of the limitations in the study of human genetics.
    • The study of genetics confirms that we are all extremely closely related biologically.
    • So I suppose it was the natural progression of my studies in genetics to concentrate on horses.
    • Karen hopes to study genetics and work with the cows she so loves when she completes her studies.
    • Mueller applied for the program because she too may pursue genetics in later studies.
    • Genomics is an accelerating and complex step in the longer history of molecular biology and genetics.
    • I don't know much about biology or genetics, but don't reptiles have pretty adaptive DNA?
    • He worked on convex functions, the Laplace transform, number theory and the mathematical theory of genetics.
    • Not every problem in formal genetics can be resolved just with clear thinking and tests.
    • The intervening years had seen advances in the study of pure biology at the microscopic level in parallel with advances in genetics.
    • The other approach is to study molecular evolutionary genetics to assess the evolutionary history of the gene.
    • Classical quantitative genetics has applied linear modeling to the problem of mapping genotypic to phenotypic variation.
    • Multivariate models are of great importance in applied, evolutionary, and theoretical quantitative genetics.
    • In the first half of the twentieth century, Darwinian evolution and Mendelian genetics were not popular subjects in France.
    • Characterizing the molecular basis of adaptation is one of the most important goals in modern evolutionary genetics.
    • Research in the area of behavioural genetics has raised many dilemmas in recent years.
    • The genetic analysis of quantitative traits using DNA markers is a landmark feature in the field of plant genetics.
    • Thus, it is perplexing that this type of work has been ignored in quantitative genetics.
    • I recommend this book to students who wish to pursue a career in human molecular genetics.
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    (genetic features)
    características genéticas feminine
    • Illnesses and atrocities occur with a frequency related to the country you were born in and your own genetics.
    • The first papers on plant molecular population genetics were published approximately 10 years ago.
    • To understand further the genetics underlying pulmonary function, we analyzed data from 264 individuals from 26 pedigrees.
    • Naturopathic philosophy also suggests that genetics determine underlying susceptibility to disease or dysfunction, but not actual disease manifestation.
    • Structural alterations of DNA, such as deletions, produce valuable null mutations for plant genetics.
    • Understanding the genetics of this radiation resistance became the subject of her Ph.D. dissertation.
    • Wild populations provide novel opportunities for the understanding of the genetics of quantitative traits.
    • However, the genetics of a naturally early leaf defoliation trait in wild cotton was not studied.
    • We calculate several statistics that characterize the genetics of adaptation.
    • Scientists have long suspected genetics play a role in the onset of the disease.
    • He studied the genetics of this condition and found it was due to a single dominant gene.
    • We know that genetics and heredity plays a part for a significant number of children.
    • By studying the genetics of aging, scientists are traversing the road to immortality
    • His team are using fruit flies to study the genetics of cocaine and other addictive drugs.
    • He believes that some of the more dangerous ideas come from who we are, our genetics, psychology and our own free will.
    • Whether it had been genetics from his parents or a random act of nature was never revealed to him.
    • He is currently working with colleagues on the neuropsychology and the genetics of mathematical abilities.
    • A predisposition to obesity can come from genetics or an imbalance of body chemistry.
    • Numerous studies have been conducted on the genetics of various populations in India.
    • The MRC Unit has been involved in studies of the neurochemistry and genetics of OCD.