Translation of genital in Spanish:


genital, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛnədl/ /ˈdʒɛnɪt(ə)l/

Definition of genital in Spanish


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    • These infections may range from cutaneous warts to genital mucous membrane infections that can progress to cervical cancer.
    • Less common types of male subfertility are caused by testicular or genital tract infection, disease, or abnormalities.
    • Several case studies and one randomised controlled trial have shown that screening significantly reduces the prevalence of genital tract infections and pelvic inflammatory disease in women.
    • On the underside of the body lie the genital opening and sensory organs.
    • No pathologic changes were seen in the genital organs.
    • They often have cloudy whitish patches on the throat, near the umbilicus, and in the genital area.
    • Our results provide further support for the hypothesis that the male genital tract may serve as a reservoir of HPV infection.
    • To reduce your risk of cervical cancer, protect yourself against genital human papilloma virus exposure.
    • After more than 50 years of searching, scientists have discovered a key gene that enables certain bacteria to cause blindness and debilitating genital tract infections.
    • The fetal sex was identified by examination of the genital tract using a dissecting microscope at a magnification of × 15.
    • At early stages of embryonic development the genital region of males and females is indistinguishable.
    • Women's responses to close-ended questionnaires indicated that they were accepting of genital surgery and did not connect it to negative effects.
    • It is important to tell your doctor if you develop genital itching or sores accompanied by fever and headache.
    • The team found that 66% of people with nipple piercings and 52% of those with genital piercings had developed health problems.
    • Treatment for hormone differentiation involves lifelong hormone therapy and/or genital surgery
    • The most common complaints were of fatigue, loss of libido, and decreased genital sensation.