Translation of genuine in Spanish:


sincero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛnjuən/ /ˈdʒɛnjʊɪn/

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    (enthusiasm/interest/amazement) sincero
    (enthusiasm/interest/amazement) genuino
    (enthusiasm/interest/amazement) verdadero
    (inquiry/application) serio
    she is a very genuine person es muy buena persona
    • genuine callers only, please curiosos abstenerse
    • it was a genuine misunderstanding fue realmente un malentendido
    • Sorry to a bit all over the place but I am feeling genuine distress and anger at all of this.
    • The meeting is open to all with a genuine interest in having a say in the future of their community.
    • It is a shame that governments do not have the same genuine compassion shown by ordinary citizens.
    • It was a genuine pleasure to hear a master talk so eloquently about his work.
    • There was genuine appreciation for what is happening here and we now have a great deal to shout about.
    • The fear she was feeling was now genuine, for she knew she'd screwed up and was in trouble.
    • It proves that beneath the showmanship, there is real talent and a deep well of genuine feeling.
    • This record shines because there's a genuine love of its influences driving it along.
    • He seemed a really genuine guy and sincerely appreciated that we had been following the tour.
    • It was a fair offer and a genuine attempt by the company to resolve the disputes.
    • All this smacks more of a seedy circulation battle than a genuine attempt to help.
    • Rachel's slight smile was more genuine this time.
    • His smile was so genuine Pearl couldn't help but smile herself.
    • I am absolutely genuine in my desire to assist if I can.
    • I began putting on shocked faces, trying to decipher which one seemed more genuine.
    • He laughed again, but this time it seemed more genuine.
    • As Singaporeans viewed the dreadful pictures from the scene of the hotel bombing there was only genuine concern and sympathy.
    • He said the defendants had lied to police, lied to the court and demonstrated little genuine remorse.
    • There was no malice intended, only genuine interest.
    • In Johns case, the genuine affection that people had for him shines through.
    • Latham is showing us all that the next election will be a genuine race, a real battle.
    • I want to be able to go over to Brick Lane in the East End to eat a real, genuine London bagel.
    • The Real Madrid boss is one of the genuine enigmas of modern football.
    • They were hidden in a legitimate cargo which was taken to a genuine warehouse on delivery.
    • I gave my dad who is a genuine handyman a leatherman tool which he loves and still wears on his belt today.
    • It is thought that during the transaction a genuine computer is swapped for the dummy package.
    • It advised traders to be careful that they only sold genuine licensed products.
    • Performed with such brilliance, they aptly recreate genuine folk music of the era.
    • You mentioned in one interview that genuine democracy requires accurate and truthful information.
    • But the real question is: is the torn document genuine?
    • While their legitimacy is being disputed in some quarters, to many Pollock authorities the paintings appear genuine.
    • The news station and this reporter fully believed the documents were genuine.
    • Nothing could prove beyond all possible dispute that the tapes are genuine or fakes.
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    (leather) legítimo
    (leather) auténtico
    (signature/antique) auténtico
    a genuine Goya un Goya auténtico
    • my first encounter with a genuine Spanish matador mi primer encuentro con un verdadero torero español