Translation of German in Spanish:


alemán, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒərmən/ /ˈdʒəːmən/

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    alemán masculine
    • They speak a dialect of German called Pennsylvania Dutch at home.
    • The official language is German but spoken language is an Alemannic dialect.
    • From what I can tell, somebody went through and very literally translated words from German to English for the North American release.
    • More and more jobs being advertised have a requirement that the applicant can speak German or another European language.
    • Nearly ninety-nine percent of Austrians speak German, although at least four different dialects are in use.
    • His books have been translated into several languages, including German, Dutch, French, Hungarian and Japanese.
    • An Italian citizen by birth, his first language is German, and it is in Germany and Austria that his fame, some might say infamy, is greatest.
    • Learning from a family friend that he was the son of a German soldier came as a shock to the taxi driver, who does not speak a word of German.
    • Yes, the ship was overwhelmingly German and German-American, and during bingo sessions I learned to count in German.
    • I was 30 years old, and I performed it in German, as was the practice at the time.
    • I took 2 years of high school German and more in college, but don't really feel educated enough in the language to have an opinion.
    • For those who do not read German everything in this chapter will be new.
    • She quickly explained that they were studying German on an exchange program.
    • If you want to experience Wagner's Ring, you should see a full orchestral production, in German, in Bayreuth if you can afford it.
    • The tallest of the officers asked me something in German.
    • Nouns derived from a place name in German, used in this kind of sentence, don't normally take the indefinite article ein.
    • Pablo stresses that he's also trying to learn German so he can talk to yet another group of potential customers.
    • I don't know enough German to have figured out the whole story, but I guessed it was something along those lines.
    • So, that's how I started studying German, which led to my love of language and literature.
    • I only wish I could read German, so I could figure out what they're saying.
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    alemán masculine
    alemana feminine
    • First taken by the British, it was lost next day to the Germans by the Americans who failed to retake it.
    • That experience taught him how hard it will be to sell our expertise to the Swiss and Germans.
    • We have got a lot to learn from the Americans, from the French, from the Germans in that respect.
    • Its brilliance was to permit the rearming of Germans but not the rearmament of Germany.
    • Put another way, the French and Germans have found a way of making the market serve everyone.
    • The Germans excelled at fast warfare and French and British forces could not keep up.
    • Both the French and Germans wished to control it as it gave an army height in that area.
    • The Dutch will go through with victory against Latvia only if the Germans do not beat the Czechs.
    • Likewise, the Russians could not let the Germans get hold of the oil fields in the Caucasus.
    • Ossies, as East Germans came to be called, felt they had every right to be disappointed.
    • Dieppe was very well defended by the Germans who realised its value as a port.
    • The Germans may have had a fine submarine on paper but producing it in numbers was a different matter.
    • The new design was quickly latched onto by the Germans and a naval race began.
    • Flu had a terrible impact on Germans as the people had little bodily strength to fight the illness.
    • They captured many of the records that the Germans left behind in their hurried departure.
    • Despite such overwhelming numbers, the Germans did not do well at the start of the battle.
    • His plot to deceive the Germans was immortalised in this film.
    • Germany and Europe will be waiting to see how these two most different of Germans gel on the big stage.
    • Sweden are really going for this, which will be making the Germans feel most unpopular.
    • It was the sort of thing the Germans supply for first aid at spectacular autobahn accidents.