Translation of gerrymander in Spanish:


dividir injustamente, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛriˌmændər/ /ˈdʒɛrɪˌmandə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (state/district) (para beneficiar a un partido) dividir injustamente
    • A gerrymandered election does not make for a democracy.
    • He said the party had impoverished its supporters and predicted that they would turn against the ruling party, no matter how the constituency boundaries were gerrymandered.
    • Politicians have come to see manipulation of the vote much as they see gerrymandering boundaries of voting districts - all part of the electoral game.
    • If anything, it reinforced perceptions that the board and the ANC were simply gerrymandering provincial boundaries to suit short-term political ends.
    • With the electoral boundaries gerrymandered in parallel, many nationalist council majorities were wiped out.
    • In the last elections, the ruling family shamelessly gerrymandered electoral districts.
    • They are not in a position where they can gerrymander constituencies.
    • He gerrymandered electoral districts in order to control the results and sought to regulate the press.
    • States using an independent approach produced more than twice as many competitive races for state legislatures than did gerrymandered states.
    • Another issue that has caused problems between Congress and the White House has been gerrymandering and the mal-apportionment of Congressional constituencies.
    • Republicans dominate the Ohio legislature thanks to a heavily gerrymandered crazy quilt of rigged districts, and to a moribund Ohio Democratic party.
    • The rich and powerful in this country manipulate elections, and gerrymander voting districts.
    • I sure wish I could agree with your prediction but America has been gerrymandered into easily predictable red or blue districts.
    • Mercifully, the official exhibition was not gerrymandered into national sections or pretentiously titled thematic subdivisions.
    • The only reason U.S. Senate seats stayed competitive is that the politicians cannot gerrymander state lines.
    • Texas political operatives pointed out that five Democratic representatives are fighting for their lives in new districts gerrymandered by the GOP.
    • There has been a lot of gerrymandering of the constituency boundaries.
    • We will cut any tax, grease any campaign contributor and gerrymander any state to advance the cause of a Republican congressional majority.
    • When a newspaper company owns a cluster, it will likely gerrymander circulation areas and eliminate overlapping areas of circulation.
  • 2

    (manipulate unfairly)