Translation of get by in Spanish:

get by

arreglárselas, v.

See Spanish definition of arreglárselas

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(manage)

      to get by on sth arreglárselas con algo

      • she gets by on just a few dollars a week
      • I get by on the French I learnt at school
      • I can get by on six hours sleep a night
      to get by with sth arreglárselas con algo

      • we'll have to get by with what we have in stock
      we're not well-off, but we get by no somos ricos pero nos las arreglamos

    • 1.2(pass muster)

      the movie gets by because of some brilliant camerawork la película pasa / se salva gracias al brillante trabajo del camarógrafo

  • 2

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