Traducción de get out en Español:

get out

bajar(se), v.

Ver definición en Español de salir

verbo frasal

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (of car, bus, train) bajar(se)
      (of hole, trench) salir
      to get out of bed levantarse (de la cama)

    • 1.2(of room, country)

      I have to get out of here tengo que salir de aquí
      • get out! ¡fuera (de aquí)!

    • 1.3(socially, for pleasure)

      Grandma doesn't get out much la abuela no sale mucho

    • 1.4(give up, quit)

      I'm getting out of teaching voy a dejar la enseñanza
      • they got out just before prices went through the floor vendieron justo antes de que los precios cayeran en picada
      • are they getting out of the German market? ¿van a abandonar el mercado alemán?

    • 1.5(escape)

      (animal/prisoner) escaparse

    • 1.6(be released, finish work)

      (prisoner/worker) salir
      what time do you get out? ¿a qué hora sales?

    • 1.7(become known)

      (news/truth) saberse
      (news/truth) hacerse público formal
      if this ever gets out si esto llega a saberse

  • 2

    • 2.1(remove, extract)

      (cork/stopper/nail) sacar
      (stain) quitar
      (stain) sacar América Latina

    • 2.2(take out)

      (car/map/knife) sacar
      she got out her credit card sacó su tarjeta de crédito

    • 2.3(withdraw)

      (money) sacar

    • 2.4(borrow from library)

      (book/record) sacar

  • 3

    • 3.1(publish, produce, put on market)

      (book) publicar
      (book) sacar
      (product/new model) sacar
      (product/new model) lanzar

    • 3.2(utter)

      don't stammer, boy: get it out! ¡no tartamudees, chico: dilo de una vez!

  • 4

    • 4.1(remove)

      (tenant) echar
      get that dog out of here! ¡saquen (a) ese perro de aquí!

    • 4.2(release)

      they couldn't get the driver out no pudieron liberar al conductor
      • my lawyer will get you out mi abogado hará que te suelten
      • I can't get you out of this mess no te puedo sacar de este lío

    • 4.3(send off)

      (story/message) mandar
      (story/message) enviar

    • 4.4(send for)

      (doctor/repairman) llamar

    • 4.5Deporte

      (batsman/batter) sacar del campo

  • 5coloquial

    (leave by)
    salir por
    I couldn't get out the window/door no pude salir por la ventana/la puerta
  • 6coloquial

    (take out by)
    sacar por
    you'll never get the sofa out the door/window no podrás sacar el sofá por la puerta/la ventana