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géiser, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡaɪzər/ /ˈɡiːzə/

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    géiser masculino
    • Precious metals are commonly precipitated with the siliceous sinters that form around hot springs and geysers.
    • Rainwater in volcanic areas can descend as far as several kilometres into the crust, later rising to the surface in hot springs or geysers.
    • Specialized microorganisms called extremophiles thrive in nuclear waste, volcanic vents, boiling geothermal geysers and even deep inside rocks.
    • Although no eruptions have been recorded at Yellowstone for 70,000 years, the hot springs, spectacular geysers, and bubbling mud pools provide testimony that hot magma still resides not far beneath the surface.
    • In fact 80 per cent of the country's electricity is generated from the natural heat of hot springs, geysers and volcanoes, which means very little pollution of any kind.
    • New Zealand's geographical features vary from the Southern Alps and fjords on South Island to the volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers on North Island.
    • It is full of craters - it has thirty active volcanoes - hot springs, and geysers.
    • So, hot springs are geysers on the sea floor, chemical rich environments.
    • Gray hematite more quietly occupies the rims of hot springs and geysers where its presence often goes unnoticed.
    • ‘It's one of the most spectacular tall geysers in the world,’ he says.
    • The teenagers will visit many of Iceland's unique features, including geysers, volcanoes and geothermal hotspots.
    • In the highest resolution images, active geysers (ice volcanoes) were seen spewing columns of dark material many kilometers into the thin atmosphere.
    • It is a startlingly brutal place where boiling geysers burst through mountain plains caked in salt, and jagged red rocks give way to massive sand dunes and desolate open salt flats.
    • Some of the hot springs are spouting springs or geysers, the most famous being Geysir in south Iceland.
    • At times, the spring flows continuously; at other times it acts as a small geyser issuing a jet up to 70 cm in the air.
    • These were probably caused by volcanic eruptions or geysers.
    • At this series of erupting geysers in the north of the island, boiling water is expelled from the magma at the earth's core.
    • Hot geysers and volcanic eruptions show this effect.
    • For years we have seen evidence of water on Mars that includes geysers and liquid water.
    • Now there are plenty of places in the world where high temperatures come very close to the surface: volcanoes, and geysers and things like this come to mind immediately.
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    (water heater)
    calentador de agua masculino
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