Translation of gird in Spanish:


ceñir, v.

Pronunciation /ɡərd/ /ɡəːd/

transitive verb girded, girded, girt, girt

archaic, literary
  • 1

    ceñir literary
    a country girt by sea un país rodeado por mar
    • Well that's interesting, because we sing in our national anthem that ‘Our land is girt by sea’, but we have been slow to recognise its importance in indigenous culture.
    • I thought of our pilgrimages out of the city, the slow tide of traffic to the shore or family visits, a cincture of security and welcome girding the suburbs and beyond.
    • In the eastern section were three broad stone pillars supporting the balcony above, which girded the guest rooms on the second floor.
    • One was prepared to leave, and had only to gird his sword about his waist, when the other spoke suddenly.
    • They gird their weapons, mount their horses, and form into groups in the guise of a troop of soldiers.
    • The bushes rustled, and around us three more men, all with swords girt at their sides, stepped out.
    • Instead, he was dressed in a loose black robe with no sleeves, girt at the waist with a white metal belt.
    • Soon his shoes were being girded with golden spurs.

reflexive verb girded, girded, girt, girt

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    to gird oneself up for sth/to + inf prepararse para algo/+ inf