There are 2 main translations of given in Spanish

: given1given2


Pronunciation /ˈɡɪvən/ /ˈɡɪv(ə)n/

past participle

There are 2 main translations of given in Spanish

: given1given2


determinado, adj.

Definition of determinado in Spanish


  • 1

    (amount/place/time) determinado
    (amount/place/time) dado
    at a given moment en un momento determinado / dado
    • at any given moment en cualquier momento
    • where the given value of x is 6 cuando x es igual a 6
    • The site and range of control of pressure patterns decide the weather for any given area.
    • A player must obtain the specified number of runs and sets for any given round and play them on their field.
    • But this is not all: he feels that there is a little too much going on at any given moment.
    • Change of whatever nature and magnitude is very crucial to any given society.
    • One of the roles of philosophy has been to examine critically the intellectual tools of any given era.
    • However, they were only able to do this because they had a great degree of freedom about what was actually paid out in any given year.
    • Bear in mind that, at any given price, this choice involves a trade-off with playback performance.
    • In any given year, there are bound to be at least a few major disasters or tragedies or deaths of major figures.
    • On almost any given day of the year, there is an event that focuses on shoes.
    • You'll know this if you talk music with them for any given length of time, or watch the way they practise.
    • So the natural next question for the marketer is: how do we find this key for any given business.
    • There is currently an undisclosed number of such teachers brought in to cover for absent colleagues on any given day.
    • If you're the type of person to dance on the table at the office party then you're probably the type of person to do it at any given time of year.
    • The amount of tax we pay on any given income depends on two things - tax rates and tax thresholds.
    • That means on any given day two episodes are broadcast and the ‘repeated’ one is first.
    • In general they indicate the amount of active qi available at a given moment.
    • How could you know that he won't just attack you at any given moment?
    • In any given situation some of these imperatives will be more vital than others.
    • His observations of the defenders dictates which play to use in a given situation.
    • Thoughts are important because they delimit the child's capability in a given situation.
  • 2

    to be given to sth/-ing ser dado a algo/+ inf


  • 1

    (in view of)
    given their good reputation … dada su buena reputación …
    • given the circumstances, we might make an exception dadas las circunstancias, podríamos hacer una excepción
    • Physically shutting down the site would be very difficult given that it is hosted overseas.
    • It's especially unfair given that she looks so good in those few scenes she's in.
    • That is very poor given that serving food is partly how they make their living.
    • His achievement is all the more impressive given that Fitzgerald has endured his fair share of injuries.
    • His entry into the millennium club is all the more impressive given that he has had more than his fair share of injuries.
    • Why is that figure not made publicly available given this is a public trust?
    • The time for a new partnership in the art of governance has become even more important given the stakes.
    • Soon marriage may be non-existent given the freedom we have to live in sin with our partners.
    • A sale was thought to be almost impossible given the current slump in the international telecoms sector.
    • The authorities appear to have succeeded in this given the enthusiastic response.
    • The joint stance by the four countries is seen as significant given their earlier split on the war.
    • Of course, I want to think otherwise, that given the right challenge and the right luck I would be a hero.
    • He said that he was willing to live in harmony with the community if given the chance.
    • I pointed out that this might prove to be rather ironic given the current circumstances
    • This figure is more impressive given I spent most of last week on holiday.
    • The latter seems unlikely given the present lack of economic activity in the area.
    • A referendum, he argues, is simply too dangerous given the state of public opinion.
    • It was also prudent given the danger of any cut being interpreted as a sign of panic.
    • The most avid watcher quickly becomes jaded given the quantity of information to absorb.
    • However, given my disposition on the other issues, this is of little importance here.
  • 2also given that

    • 2.1(assuming it is the case)

      dado que

    • 2.2(since it is the case)

      dado que
      given that you're here … dado que / ya que estás aquí …


  • 1

    dato conocido masculine
    I'm a singer, so it's a given that I love music soy cantante por lo que se da por sentado que me encanta la música
    • Thereby, things present themselves not as indifferent givens, facts, but as meaningful: salient, expedient, obstructive, and so on.
    • One aspect of the deconstructive turn is the realization that things that we take for granted as givens are in fact inventions.
    • They are thought to have established the basic givens of human existence - life and death, sexual difference and reproduction, and the cycles of corporeal and spiritual regeneration.
    • For investment purposes, what finds favour is the fact that a number of givens are known at the outset.
    • Just as shattering violence affects people, it affects whole peoples, busting up the basic assumptions and givens in a society that usually prevent thoroughgoing change.
    • The givens of history are not obstacles, but means.
    • A lot of what I was saying seven, eight years ago, among the few who were saying it, are now almost givens in the discussion, so I feel good about that.
    • Keeping up appearances at all costs and considering marriage as a social necessity - such are the givens in the our national psyche.
    • Modern academics argue there are no givens, all is a social construct, but we suspect they are wrong.
    • The right to privacy is one of a democracy's givens and the media expose police and bureaucrats who invade it.
    • They are not givens and there are large bodies of literature that are being overlooked.
    • I understand imagination, no doubt a complex epistemological process, to be the capacity to entertain images of meaning and reality that are beyond the givens of observable experience.
    • The ability to articulate and argue and the right to do so are not givens, but areas of considerable complexity and dissent.
    • It is a given that dearer oil causes economies to contract - leading to a fall in prices as a result.
    • After all, within Lenin's Marxist framework, it was a given that mankind exploits nature.
    • It's a given that every musician hungers to try the solo album at one time or another.
    • At the end of the day, it is a given that the sources of happiness will always be fewer than the ones for sadness.
    • I thought it was a given that the government was corrupt and lying to you, and everyone was a leftist.
    • So when it came to choosing her object of desire, it was a given that it would be craft-related.
    • I'm not sure why people take it as a given that reality shows won't work in syndication and reruns.