Translation of glad in Spanish:


alegrarse, adj.

Pronunciation /ɡlæd/ /ɡlad/

See Spanish definition of fausto

adjective gladder, gladdest

  • 1to be glad

    (happy, pleased)
    to be glad about sth alegrarse de algo
    to be glad (that) alegrarse de que
    to be glad to + inf
    • Working with such great folks, from our authors to the other editors to all the readers, is a true pleasure and I'm glad to have been given the opportunity.
    • He was glad to hear complains about the perfect Sabina.
    • I am so glad people are finding pleasure from what I have accomplished.
    • I'm glad to hear that Mark could barely see because of the ‘solid wall of backs,’ because that means there were a lot of people there.
    • I'm glad to hear you say you have some qualms here.
    • You'll get no more of those, you'll be glad to hear.
    • I'm glad to hear this, and hope it pans out.
    • I am glad to hear from you on this important topic.
    • I'm very, very glad to hear that this is a good movie.
    • I am glad to hear that you are actually open to different viewpoints.
    • All right, well, we're certainly glad to hear that, that all of this was in place.
    • If he does come back I'll be so glad to see him!
    • I am very glad to hear that it won - and great prizes too!
    • She is an absolute sweetheart and we're really glad to have her.
    • I'm always glad to get home, put my feet up and relax.
    • Gentlemen, I can't tell you how glad I am to see you.
    • The thought disgusted me, but at the same time, made me glad.
    • Dean told me you enjoyed the gift a lot, which makes me glad.
    • I sighed, not sure if I was glad for the distraction or not.
    • How hard, and yet, I'm glad in a way.
  • 2

    to be glad of sth
    • The two intrepid cyclists would be very glad of sponsorship.
    • There's a snowball fight in the street out front, and I'm very glad of my flasks of soup.
    • He gathered his cloak about him and settled himself on the sheepskin that padded the saddle, and was very glad of that, too.
    • In fact, I was quite glad of her presence, for had she not been there, some of the young men just may have been looking at me.
    • It seemed like such a long time to wait, but I was very glad of the time for more work.
    • He was glad for the escape from the competition, and grateful for the diversion that driving provided him.
    • Both were delicious, however, I was glad for the extra sauce that I'd chosen to accompany these dishes.
    • It's too easy to forget to be glad for the things you do have, and be unhappy about the things you don't.
    • This is what they want and we should all be glad for being able to please.
    • She had run out again, like a coward, and was glad for that.
    • It was a nice night, though, and I think everyone was glad for a reason to stay together and talk.
    • The vast majority said they opposed the ban but now are glad for it.
    • Whatever the source of the arrangement, I'm mostly glad for it.
    • She was glad for the darkness so no one could see her.
    • Privately, she was glad for the excuse to avert her gaze.
    • He walked out of her office, and she was glad for that.
    • I was suddenly very glad for that expert hearing of his.
    • Finally, my front door came into view; something I was glad for.
    • It made things easier on her, which she was glad for.
    • It was like floating in lethargy - and he was glad for it.
  • 3

    (showing happiness)
    (smile/expression) de alegría
    (smile/expression) de felicidad
    • But when he returned to his room to give his other half the glad tidings, the housekeeper, who was listening to the story, interrupted to tell them that she knew of plenty of empty rooms.
    • In other news, I went back to work for a few hours, sharing the glad tidings with my coworkers in such detail that one of my students asked me if someone had had a baby.
    • About mid-morning the London agent handling the new flat woke up and gave us the glad tidings that the rental will be available from tomorrow afternoon.
    • Those working for the promotion of adoption too have glad tidings.
    • To be named top dog among 140 regions from all corners of the continent is no mean feat, and we should all rejoice at such glad tidings.
    • It is quite unjust and sometimes demoralising to see how fate dishes out its own glad tidings.
    • They were the bearers to the world of glad tidings and great joy.
    • Glad tidings await professional ornithologists, amateur bird watchers and naturalists.
    • Glad tidings of comfort and joy or a severe case of bah, humbug?
    • The premier will woo voters with lots of glad tidings in the election season ahead.
  • 4 literary

    (causing happiness)
    (occasion) fausto literary
    (occasion) feliz
    glad tidings buenas nuevas literary