Translation of glimpse in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɡlɪm(p)s/


  • 1

    I caught a glimpse of her thigh alcancé a verle el muslo
    • he got a fleeting glimpse of her as she went in alcanzó a verla fugazmente cuando entraba
    • a glimpse of life in rural England una visión de la vida en la Inglaterra rural
    • she never allowed me a glimpse of her feelings nunca ne dejó ni entrever sus sentimientos
    • Trying to look past the dull conversation, I caught a glimpse of red from the corner of my eye.
    • The only thing is during all of this, I caught a glimpse of his face and he looked so familiar.
    • She peeked round the corner and caught a glimpse of a police car going slowly down the street.
    • He didn't look at her but she caught a glimpse of his misty grey eyes, they seemed far away.
    • She looked around the beautifully adorned room and caught a glimpse of herself in a round oval mirror.
    • He caught a glimpse of my wallet pic of Colin, only a glimpse though.
    • He glanced around the trunk and caught a glimpse of a shape moving through the trees.
    • I toss opportunities like coins, and call tails when I've already caught a glimpse of the queen's crown.
    • I still recall one Sunday morning when I caught a glimpse of them outside.
    • As he spun around in his child like dance, he caught a glimpse of something off the side of the boat.
    • When the reeds parted, he caught a glimpse of her, and yes, there she was, the river goddess.
    • A large gasp emerged from my throat as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
    • In the mirror, I caught my first glimpse of his face without the ironwork interrupting his features.
    • As he spun her around, I could get brief glimpses of her face.
    • You get only fleeting glimpses of the action and you are surrounded by people becoming progressively more drunk.
    • You're just showing tantalizing glimpses of your uberflat tummy!
    • And I was left with the feeling of having been granted a glimpse of heaven.
    • For once, there were no fans hanging around waiting to have a glimpse of their favourite star.
    • Rolling her eyes, her father caught glimpse in the mirror.
    • I kept shooting glimpses over my shoulder at all the people who passed me by.

transitive verb

  • 1

    alcanzar a ver