Translation of glint in Spanish:


destellar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡlɪnt/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    her curls glinted copper in the sunlight sus rizos tenían reflejos cobrizos en el sol
    • his eyes glinted when I showed him the money le brillaron / se le encendieron los ojos cuando le mostré el dinero
    • Lifting up his glass of water, and noting the way the pure crystal glass glinted in the harsh light, he took a small sip from it.
    • He would whisper his questions and his glasses would glint in the torch light.
    • The coiled copper bracelet on her forearm glinted in the fire light.
    • Dew that had gathered on the leaves and fruits glinted brightly in the sunlight.
    • His silver armor blinded her for a moment as it glinted brightly in the sunlight.
    • Miles saw the blade glinting in the sunlight.
    • Moll tossed her heads irritably and her teeth glinted once again in the moonlight.
    • The morning sun glinted brightly off of the pristine surfaces making the entire stretch of road a bit blinding.
    • When next he spoke, his voice was tight with hostility, and his teeth were glinting in the darkness.
    • He couldn't stop looking the man's shiny gold tooth that glinted ominously in the streetlight.
    • The snow he'd shaken off earlier had formed small dark puddles, which glinted in the firelight.
    • I watched her climb the steps, her hair swinging and glinting in the weak sunshine.
    • The cemetery lay on a gentle slope, the marble headstones glinting in the cold winter sunshine.
    • The weapons she sold glinted brightly in greeting as the sunlight struck them.
    • The gold curled and twisted in the wondrous shape of a serpent, its shimmering scales glinting in the candlelight.
    • A tiny silver crescent moon hung from the chain, glinting in the torchlight streaming in from the open door.
    • Her hair, glinting in the starlight, cascaded over her sleeveless white top.
    • The ground was covered in white, sparkly snow that glinted in the streetlights.
    • He saw something glinting in the streetlight, and went over to investigate.
    • His hair was free around his shoulders and glinted slightly blue.


  • 1

    (of metal) destello masculine
    (of light) destello masculine
    (of light) reflejo masculine
    • I turned to her and saw a bright mischievous glint in her eye.
    • She sighed for a while, and I saw a mischievous glint in her eyes.
    • He looked back at me and I saw a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.
    • He looked behind him and noticed my evil glint because he took off again and ended up smack against Bryan.
    • An evil glint appeared in Will's eyes as she grinned at me.
    • His right eye began twitching and an evil glint appeared in his eye.
    • Landon noticed the amused glint in Sarah's eyes, but chose to ignore it.
    • I've learned to watch his eyes for that slight glint of mischief that is forever lurking under the surface.
    • She sat up, a determined glint shining in her eyes.
    • The demon's eyes took on a slight, dangerous glint.
    • A devilish glint sparkled suddenly in her eyes.
    • A sly glint came to his eye then, as if he was about to say something mischievous.
    • He had a glint of amusement in his eyes.
    • His eyes appeared to show concern but lurking underneath was a glint of amusement.
    • His face sobered, but his eyes had not lost that glint of humor.
    • The summer sun caught her light brown hair and turned it into a place of shadows, tinted with glints of gold.
    • Soft glints of moonlight reflected off broken glass pieces and onto their black coats, and I watched them for a minute, their muscles rippling under their skin.
    • In a moment, the ship set sail on its return voyage, fading into the glints of sunlight reflecting of the salty bay with a mission to return next summer.
    • Light glints off the mirrors, transforming the surface into a window and simultaneously a screen inspired by the intricate geometric ornamentation found in Persian mosques and palaces.
    • I see the way her silky black hair sits just touching her shoulders, how when she moves the light glints off her plain silver necklace and diamond pendant.
    • The crucifix turns, sending glints of light in all directions.
    • Dramatic glints of light and billowing shadows set a menacing tone.
    • She saw glints of light bouncing of the sidewalk rocks and smiled.
    • The lighting is blue, underfoot the floor is black and the scaffolding glints in the twilight.
    • Tiny glints of light appeared in the distance and began to move at great speed towards the enemy armada.
    • One way of finding out for sure whether or not the feature is a lake will be to look for glints of reflected sunlight on the surface.
    • Her hair flowed loose down her back and the sunlight caught the strong glints of auburn in it.
    • Her eye caught a glint of silver in the back of the wardrobe.
    • He caught a glint of silver amongst the darkness.
    • She turned to ask the person to move, but she caught the glint of metal catching light.
    • I noticed a glint of silver on his finger and recognized the other ring.
    • Grady saw movement in the woods behind them then the glint of metal.
    • A blinding glint of sunlight reflected off of each car as it moved slowly past.
    • Off in the distance the trees rustled and a glint of sunlight dashed off a metallic surface.
    • Harvey smiled, showing off a glint of gold artistically embedded in an upper tooth.
  • 2

    (gleam in eye)
    chispa feminine
    brillo masculine
  • 3glints plural

    (in hair)
    reflejos masculine