Translation of glisten in Spanish:


refulgir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlɪs(ə)n/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (raindrops/tear) refulgir
    (raindrops/tear) brillar
    • His beautiful dark eyes were glistening and a tear escaped running down his tanned cheek.
    • The pale blue cobblestones glistened as the sun's rays sparkled on the light sheen of water.
    • When his carriage had grown tiny at the gate, her eyes were still glistening with unshed tears of anger.
    • He pulled away after a few moments and smiled at me tears still glistening in his eyes.
    • His skin was glistening with sweat and he had his sleeves and pants rolled up.
    • His tan skin was glistening with sweat and his jet-black hair was greasy.
    • Her eyes green eyes and black hair glistened in the moonlight.
    • His lightly muscled tanned bare skin glistened in the sun and he felt very much like an article on display.
    • The gear the soldiers wore glistened beautifully in the morning sun.
    • His immaculately combed coat glistened in the late afternoon sun and felt soft and silky under my fingers.
    • A new layer of snow was added to the tundra last night and it glistened brightly.
    • My friend had gone white, his eyes glazing over, sweat glistening on his forehead.
    • She looked at her sister, and her eyes began to glisten with moisture.
    • Her golden curls glistened in the candlelight and her skin had an almost luminescent glow.
    • The moon shone on the water as it glistened beautifully.
    • Ripened fruit shone in the morning light, faintly glistening with dew drops.
    • The street glistened with the sheen of light rainfall.
    • The droplets of dew hung from the yellow furze and they glistened like a thousand diamonds.
    • On a frosty morning, the sight of thousands of frozen droplets glistened like diamonds in the morning light.
    • They both looked across the ocean with the moonlight glistening off of the water.