Translation of glitzy in Spanish:


glamoroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlɪtsi/

adjective glitzier, glitziest

  • 1

    • The weekend is downsized to being a jazzy, glitzy flamboyant festival.
    • All tickets are booked, the glitzy hotel has been booked, and I will be flying up there this Friday, around mid day.
    • So, despite all those glitzy hotels, it will be months before the destination as a whole feels remotely elegant.
    • Wear an embellished belt or glitzy cuffs with a plain knit or skirt, and use black to counterbalance an opulent shoe or bag.
    • What a contrast it was to get back to our grotty hotel after such a glitzy day.
    • They are successful enough to switch their mobiles off at the weekend and prefer hanging out with good friends to glitzy bars and restaurants.
    • The glitzy banner adorning the incomplete wall has four large Chinese characters.
    • Maybe I'll get to wear a fancy frock and go to a glitzy ceremony in LA.
    • She wore glitzy plastic bracelets around her wrists and cute smilies dangled from her ears.
    • Optical showrooms have turned snazzy, and their interiors and exteriors glitzy.
    • Many have been immortalised on film, from the glitzy hustle of Las Vegas to the wintry baroque of Prague.
    • If you're wondering where I am tonight, I'll be in my hometown's premiere glitzy theatre, living the dream here.
    • The supermarket, still in process of refurbishment, has re-opened its glitzy new coffee shop, so I took my lunch there.
    • Its dubious merits and glitzy, vacuous plot aside, it is a film, on one level at least, about having everything and feeling nothing.
    • However, there's a lot more to staging a concert for 35,000 people than just conjuring up a glitzy stage.
    • Even the state's lack of glitzy metropolitan areas contributes to its appeal.
    • Want to know what is happening behind the scenes in the glitzy world of Bollywood and Hollywood?
    • On the other hand, we see a different picture, in which youngsters go overboard about fashion and a glitzy life style.
    • Too often the originality has been squeezed out of the shows, leaving a hollow, albeit glitzy, commercial juggernaut.
    • And she brought this glitzy top… Do you think a feather boa would look right?