Translation of gloomy in Spanish:


sombrío, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlumi/ /ˈɡluːmi/

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adjective gloomier, gloomiest

  • 1

    (day) sombrío
    (place) sombrío
    (place) lúgubre
    • The limo windows were tinted, making it appear dark and gloomy outside.
    • She thought of Mae to grant her some more confidence, as she approached the last door in the dark and gloomy corridor.
    • The supernatural thriller takes place in the gloomy, dark dismal backwoods outside New Orleans.
    • The room didn't appear gloomy or depressing, but it still had this certain aura of darkness wrapped around it.
    • For instance when its dark and gloomy you miss the sunshine so it depresses you.
    • We explored lots of gloomy, wet and dark alleys.
    • The sea is sparkling, the drowned city is dark, and gloomy.
    • They then scurried into the shadows provided in a dark and gloomy alley.
    • Our school is still fantastic inside but from the outside, with its boarded up windows, it appears gloomy, horrible and derelict.
    • Gradually he became an outcast, and on a dark gloomy day, he took a vow.
    • This morning, there has been no rain, but the sky still looks dark and gloomy.
    • Gone forever was the dark and gloomy look, to say nothing of slippery floors and stuffy odours.
    • The dark and gloomy colours of the works contrast with the whiteness of the hall's interior.
    • Or you might want to follow the route, looking for phantoms on a suitably dark and gloomy night.
    • This used to be a dark, gloomy platform with peeling paint on the walls and a grimy low ceiling.
    • If by now you imagine yourself spending your day in dark, gloomy caves, staring at bones, you can forget about it.
    • I believe it is still up there because otherwise it would be pitch dark instead of just gloomy.
    • Hesitating she stepped into the gloomy dark, dank hall.
    • He never noticed it before, but the door was dark and gloomy.
    • There was no light on up there, and it was very dark and gloomy.
  • 2

    (atmosphere/person/look) lúgubre
    (atmosphere/person/look) fúnebre
    (prospect) nada halagüeño
    I'm feeling gloomy today hoy estoy bajo de moral
    • It cast a gloomy atmosphere around the station, which did not enhance her mood.
    • Yet fewer still are - in private - able to hide their sense of gloomy despondency.
    • So it is with the man himself: an essential sweetness of nature pickled in a brine of gloomy despondency.
    • The joyful ones also tend to draw more friends, who would rather bathe in the sunshine of happiness than to be cast down into a gloomy depression.
    • Lauren dreaded walking inside again; the gloomy atmosphere was depressing and made her miss her father even more.
    • All of a sudden, the gloomy atmosphere of the time stop disappeared.
    • When I turned on the radio it was to be told that, contrary to yesterday's gloomy forecast, the weather is to become mild again for the days running up to Christmas.
    • The gloomy forecast will come as a blow to the struggling industry, which was only just beginning to recover from the effects of the foot and mouth crisis earlier this year.
    • The atmosphere during those closing moments was gloomy, depressing and discouraging.
    • The number of rebels was far in excess of even the most gloomy government forecast.
    • The album maintains a gloomy atmosphere, but the feeling modulates.
    • The gloomy atmosphere of the church radiated around the pedestal.
    • Like other hardware and chip makers, the company said it saw no turnaround in its fortunes and gave a gloomy forecast of falling computer sales.
    • The concrete was moist and cold, and the atmosphere was cold and gloomy.
    • A man is sometimes despondent from disappointment, is gloomy, and has no courage to work.
    • It wasn't only the threat of war and the worsening economic outlook that contributed to the gloomy atmosphere.
    • There was hardly a light in the place; the dimness set a gloomy atmosphere in the office.
    • The gloomy prospect of unemployment and poverty, of insecurity and war is frightening us.
    • With companies planning to shed jobs it adds up to the prospect of a gloomy winter.
    • They say it is too gloomy, too dark, not a happy subject.
  • 3

    (prediction/forecast) pesimista
    (prediction/forecast) negativo
    she takes a gloomy view of everything todo lo ve negro