Translation of glorify in Spanish:


glorificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlɔrəˌfaɪ/ /ˈɡlɔːrɪfʌɪ/

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transitive verb glorifies, glorifying, glorified

  • 1

    • How exciting it is to use our spiritual gifts to glorify God and to grow to know the heart of a servant.
    • Do you not see that everyone in the heavens and Earth glorifies God, as do the birds with their outspread wings?
    • But when we and they share a common love and awe for God, we augment the sanctity of the world in glorifying God among the multitudes of peoples.
    • Adam and Eve were not only to glorify God in behavior, but they were to offer intelligent glory and praise to God.
    • The purpose of marriage is to glorify God as is taught by creation, redemption and eschatology.
    • First, art offers multiple, rich, and layered ways of speaking about and glorifying God, since art is unlimited in its range and expression.
    • Here is an extract from his writings on the theme of faith glorifying God.
    • Determined to glorify God with her life, she willingly set aside one objective after another until she discovered that only in God's time and way could her deepest desires be fulfilled.
    • Working for the church is a ministry, not a career; one does it to glorify God, not for remuneration.
    • One is the attitude of excellence, you know, to seek to excel and glorify God with the gifts and talents and abilities that he has given us.
    • Essentially, church leaders are asking what it costs to operate the ministry that can glorify God.
    • Your end as man - who is soul as well as body - is to glorify God and enjoy him for ever.
    • There are positive aspects to his book, such as his emphasis on the need to glorify God in all that we do.
    • To glorify God or praise Him is to put one's request to Him, because He is aware of our needs and He responds to our glorification with grace and compassion.
    • On that day the distance will be closed and the entire redeemed creation will gratefully praise and glorify God.
    • Invoking and glorifying Him, praising and thanking Him and kneeling and prostrating before Him are the practical manifestations of worship.
    • We see this as a long-term commitment that will glorify God and bless the people.
    • Thereafter one should praise and glorify Allah in the best manner and recite the following Dua.
    • We glorify him when we praise him, recount his blessings to us, and thank him for them.
    • This is the best way to glorify the god or gods of their faith.
    • We are changing God's glorious and holy celebration into an outreach enterprise, and He is no longer the center of attention; he's no longer honored and glorified in our worship.
    • They will honour and glorify the Lord Jesus who is worthy!
    • It is designed to exalt Christ and glorify him in the minds and hearts of men and women, boys and girls.
    • With all her heart and soul, Mary magnified and glorified the Lord by proclaiming his greatness.
    • The prayer times reflected the culture of this conference - seeking the presence of God and desiring to glorify him.
    • It glorifies celebrities, extols riches and promotes glamour.
    • He taught me to put God first in my life and to glorify his name.
    • Then the world will see our good works and glorify our Father who is in Heaven.
    • Our culture glorifies the young, strong and beautiful.
    • The songs that you are singing are not right and do not glorify God in any way.
  • 2

    (person) ensalzar
    (person) glorificar
    (terrorism) exaltar
    (terrorism) enaltecer
    a film which glorifies war/violence una película que exalta la guerra/la violencia
    • Officers believe it glorifies football violence and it is understood that they are probing the legality of the video.
    • No, I think it glorifies football violence and the timing of it couldn't be worse.
    • Our television shows, our video games, our music, and our movies all glorify violence.
    • It's undeniable that this is a genre of work that could be thought of as dangerous, glorifying violence and criminality.
    • I wasn't interested in glorifying the violence, I was interested in showing it as I felt it growing up and as I saw it.
    • In fact, I would say much of television does glorify violence.
    • But in our zeal to do that, we go after everything that resembles violence or seems to glorify it.
    • He is leading an initiative to rewrite school books which he says unjustly glorify the partisans who struggled against fascism during World War Two.
    • Add to this a culture that glorifies violence and brutality, and the mix becomes explosive.
    • It has glorified this violence in books, films and newspapers.
    • The historical quaintness described at each river-side town the men pass glorifies the grandeur of a long lost Britain.
    • The majority of the film is set in Connecticut, and the production design is admirable, since it does not attempt to glorify the characters' lower class surroundings.
    • A text purporting to describe a battle may have been composed to glorify the victor or excuse the loser.
    • But, at the same time, the cancers are helped to metastasise by a culture that too often glorifies delinquency, misogyny, drugdealing and violence.
    • The good thing is that he doesn't glorify the old violence.
    • But he dismisses criticism that the film glorifies violence and highlights the futility of life in the underworld.
    • The film does not glorify war and certainly does not present its characters as heroes.
    • His fame comes from films that, in general, glorify violence and backwardness.
    • After the war they were used to make films which glorified communism.
    • We economists emphasize efficiency over equity, glorify greed, and exalt the achievements of free markets, to name just a few.