Translation of glove in Spanish:


guante, n.

Pronunciation /ɡləv/ /ɡlʌv/

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    guante masculine
    a pair of gloves un par de guantes
    • Using it with cold fingers in thick gloves, I found it rather fiddly.
    • Problem is I neglected to buy rubber gloves so my fingers are all tingly and I have the cleanest nails known to mankind.
    • His nose was freezing, and the cold was penetrating his gloves, working into his fingers.
    • She slipped her hands in side her brown fingerless gloves, and then laced up her big brown boots.
    • I wrapped up under plenty of layers, but could still feel the cold inside my gloves and the nettles along the side of the road were frosty.
    • Somewhere he had picked up a pair of black gloves with the fingers cut out and had taken a liking to them.
    • She then wriggled her fingers within the gloves and ran them across a glass counter.
    • He wore black gloves with fingers that stopped at the knuckles on both of his hands.
    • He wrapped the fingers of his heavy glove around her right forearm.
    • People were bundled up in scarves and hats and snowpants and mittens and gloves.
    • After I had moved several maps and a pair of worn out gloves from her seat, she climbed in.
    • Soot covered his rubber gloves and apron, his sweat contributing to the stench.
    • To each of these outings they were expected to wear formal attire including hat and gloves.
    • He also had on a green jumper, a pair of dark blue woollen gloves, jeans and trainers.
    • The boxes are full of clothing, winter jackets, mittens and gloves, food and blankets.
    • An ordinary glove or mitten may be worn on the bow hand.
    • He puts on a pair of latex gloves and tears a fresh needle from a packet.
    • Although workers may find latex gloves sweaty and cumbersome, they are also an inexpensive preventive measure.
    • In one case, boxers wore leather gloves laden with metal studs.