Translation of glow in Spanish:


brillar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡloʊ/ /ɡləʊ/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fire) brillar
    (fire) resplandecer
    (metal) estar al rojo vivo
    to glow with health rebosar (de) / irradiar salud
    • Her flowing, dark hair seemed to glow with a pale light all its own, while her eyes shone.
    • A little flower of light glowed around my hand as I lowered the flame down to the candle and lit it.
    • It was silver and light blue and glowed radiantly in the dark.
    • They glowed brightly, the light dancing amongst the dark surroundings.
    • He flipped on the lights and it glowed like a candle in the dark.
    • It glows under ultraviolet light and can be broken down so that a millimetre of hair would be enough to give an analysis.
    • At night it glows softly with solar lights from the interior.
    • While the fan can be operated during the daytime to provide cool air for the head, the light glows at night.
    • The gas excites the phosphorus, creating a light that glows for 10 years without batteries.
    • A lotion which glows under ultra violet light is also used to train staff in proper handwashing techniques.
    • It will be able to project a light that glows in rhythm with the heartbeat of the runners.
    • It's that first sly whiff of tobacco on the air, the steel-blue smoke slinking seductively across a shaft of light, the embers glowing brightly as a smoker draws in.
    • There's a light bulb glowing over my head that is brighter than the flaring of a sour gas well.
    • Setting the stage for something new; for the first time ever, Christmas lights will glow in the black township of Soweto.
    • Nowadays the town is famed for its Saturday market, based in the central square, where at night the restaurants around the edges spill into the open air and lights glow in the trees.
    • The leaves seem to glow with a light of their own.
    • The light should glow for a moment and then go off.
    • The candles glow, what light there is bounces around on the luminescent green walls, and the sound bounces way up to the high ceiling.
    • The city had already fallen dark and the light that glowed in the dirty windows seemed to beckon her.
    • It was purchased and now sits proudly on the counter top, pretty lights flashing and glowing and he still just doesn't ‘get it’!
    • Jade's bracelets began to clatter against each other and the runes began to glow alternate colours; red and gold.
    • Both of her arms began to glow green and red as the ground beneath her began to shake.
    • So, if peer at my PC tower in the dark under my desk, it now glows red, green and blue from the chinks in its case.
    • The mud walls glowed with the colours of sunset and the park-like scattering of acacia trees were back lit by the dusk.
    • Protected and looked after by their human ‘minders’, they glow with the colours of the rainbow.
    • On weeknights it glows with more traditional colours.
    • From delicate primrose yellow in the entrance lobby to changing colourwashes in bedrooms, the place glows with colour.
    • As you turn back from where you came through, you could see the entrance glowing in a silvery colour.
    • Three seascapes are displayed in lightboxes, allowing them to glow with saturated colour.
    • As the sun shines in the tall windows, the amber glows in oranges, reds, and dark browns and yellows.
    • Her hand glowed a faint red and touched the person who was pulling her away.
    • These creatures glow red, blue, yellow and green like dime store light-up yo-yos.
    • Umbrellas, which glow red and green, and those that whistle are also in the market.
    • Why are the boy's eyes glowing red as though he'd been satanically possessed in a cheap straight-to-video horror flick?
    • They were travelling along the path through the forest, with some soldiers carrying a litter with a strange object on it, that glowed dimly red in the darkness.
    • Cars from near and far converged in the night to watch the mountains glow red.
    • He looked at the street light that was a few houses down, and saw that the filament was still glowing a very faint red, as the heat slowly dissipated.
    • In front of these two a boy tended the tandoori oven - a round pit, glowing red with burning charcoal.
    • The globe glows green or red depending on how your stock portfolio is doing.
    • This cute little desktop snowman plugs into a USB slot and glows red, green and blue.
  • 2

    (show pleasure)
    to be glowing with happiness estar radiante de felicidad
    • his son's success made him glow with pride el éxito de su hijo lo llenaba de orgullo


  • 1

    brillo masculine
    resplandor masculine
    a pearly glow un brillo perlado
    • A red glow lit up the horizon to the south where another city drowned in flames.
    • Firefighters described a red glow lighting up the sky when they arrived at Shuttlewood Boatyard, Waterside Road, Pagglesham.
    • I see the glint off its silver sides, the red glow where re-entry has heated it to some high temperature.
    • Television footage shown by public broadcaster NHK showed a red glow lighting up the night sky from the eruption.
    • For example, if a metal object was being heated, a red glow gradually turned to white as the temperature increased.
    • But then, in the corner of my eye, I catch the red glow of brake lights behind me.
    • But some of his fellow passengers looked around nervously under the glow of red cabin lights.
    • There was no sound that I could detect and the objects maintained a steady glow - with no blinking lights.
    • But it was too late, as candles lit up in the houses and a brilliant glow pervaded the city.
    • A glow of brilliant white light bloomed from the tips of his fingers.
    • The dazzling downtown locations are massive, dominated by skyscrapers whose light bathes the streets in a radiant glow.
    • The bridge is still bathed in the red glow of the emergency lighting.
    • I can see the bright red glow of brake lights up ahead.
    • There were lit candles all over, making the room glow in a golden light.
    • They are completely transparent (except for the wick) and have an amazing glow when lit.
    • The sound of trickling water from a fountain and the glow from built-in wooden light fixtures set a soothing mood.
    • She gazed at the yellow glow emanating from the light fixture.
    • The foyer was lit by a gentle glow from the office on the one end, and the atrium to the right, and I could hear hushed voices from both rooms.
    • He frantically dug faster and after several minutes identified a glow as the helmet light.
    • Far in the back of his throat was a glimmer of light, a pale glow that illuminated his teeth and palate.
  • 2

    he felt a warm glow of love/pride sintió una oleada de cariño/orgullo
    • brandy gives you a warm glow el brandy da una agradable sensación de bienestar