Translation of glutinous in Spanish:


glutinoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlutnəs/ /ˈɡluːtɪnəs/

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    • Whereas in central and southern Thailand polished white rice is eaten, in the north and northeast people eat glutinous or sticky rice.
    • A type of rice grown in the Far East known as glutinous or sticky rice contains no proteinatious gluten and owes its sticky nature to a waxy carbohydrate.
    • The texture is very strange - gloppy, gooey, glutinous, and not that easy to manage with chopsticks.
    • Mochi is a glutinous rice coating; if you've ever tried Thai sticky rice, it kind of tastes like that (without the coconut flavor) and the consistency is closer to gummy bears.
    • And if you try scooping it up and setting it alight, you end up with a field full of eco-mentalists complaining about the smoke and a sticky glutinous stain.
    • And for that super glutinous thickened stew texture I added a couple of teaspoons of flour.
    • The rice was light and fluffy and not sticky or glutinous in any way, coming straight from the ever-present rice cooker.
    • The staple food of the Lao is sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice.
    • It was a good day to be hawking food, with visitors relishing everything from Betawi kerak telor (a crunchy snack made of glutinous rice with egg) to pizzas laden with toppings.
    • Using soil mixed with lime, sand, polished glutinous rice, sugar, bamboo and wood, people put the materials through complex processing, then used them to make the buildings.
    • A wide assortment of dim sum selections for lunch include shrimp spring rolls, steamed glutinous rice with dried scallops wrapped in lotus leaves and chilled red bean cake with coconut milk.
    • Giant carp control the lake, wallowing, complacent, feed on glutinous rice, silvery ancients reminding how scales and fish-slime outlast dynasties.
    • The restaurant also provides traditional dim sum, such as date paste shortbread and shaomai - the steamed buns stuffed with glutinous rice, diced meat and mushroom.
    • Some consumers prefer to eat durian by itself but others prefer to consume it with glutinous rice and lemang (steamed grated cassava and coconut with palm sugar).
    • With two workers in each group, the teams carry basketfuls of glutinous rice, which has already been soaked, to the workshop and its four cookers, where the rice is steamed.
    • The most common dishes in Shanghai at that time would have included soy buds, meat balls, cabbage, chicken, Kow-Fu and glutinous rice dumplings.
    • The fat crab with rich meat and roe is stir-fried with curry, and served with steamed Thai rice, glutinous rice, bacon, carrot, onion and chili.
    • Mom's cooking glutinous rice balls in the kitchen.
    • Never mind that you have no idea what Chinese glutinous rice tastes like, or whether it would taste good to use scrambled eggs instead of nori as a wrapper.
    • The desserts are mainly made of rice, such as sweet rice cakes and glutinous rice balls with coconut milk, all placed on a green leaf to absorb the light fragrance.