Translation of gnome in Spanish:


gnomo, n.

Pronunciation /noʊm/ /nəʊm/

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    gnomo masculine
    the gnomes of Zurich los banqueros suizos
    • Elves and men and gnomes and goblins alike looked about in fear and confusion.
    • You do not have to discourse with fairies or elves, gnomes or trolls.
    • Before our modern era most people who had encounters knew that what they were dealing with were daemons, dragons, gnomes, fairies and trolls.
    • The book is based on the story of a crafty 12-year-old Irish boy who is immersed in a world of fairies, leprechauns and gnomes.
    • Wizards, fairies, elves, trolls and gnomes everywhere fell as the magical bird made its final pass over the land, taking with it the power it had once possessed.
    • Seated around the smaller tables were an assortment of fairies, gnomes, centaurs, unicorns, elves, goat men, dragons, and a number of creatures she'd never seen before.
    • The small nocturnal visitors of the middle Ages were known as fairies, leprechauns, elves, or gnomes - the little people.
    • And, if Santa is as jolly and big-hearted as his public relations advisers have us believe, he should be fairly generous when it comes to dishing out the dosh to his helpers: elves, fairies, gnomes and so on.
    • When I was very small, I would look for fairies and gnomes in our yard.
    • Powder coated fir trees line the loops conjuring images of snow monsters and giant gnomes.
    • Again, what is the inspiration behind characters such as fairies, elves, gnomes, and witches?
    • Behind these were many ranks of pixies, gnomes and nymphs, and in the rear a thousand beautiful fairies floated along in gorgeous array.
    • A catlike purple creature startled the gnome into standing up.
    • Leprechauns are the Irish version of elves or gnomes.
    • They say the elves have been tracking something in the Wood, and it ain't gnomes or goblins.
    • But this was not a glad sight, for the roads and paths showed that they were well-travelled, and recently, by goblins and gnomes.
    • The gnomes and goblins were milling about, obviously not responding to orders, and desperately looking for ways to escape.
    • More than once they came across the bleached bones and disintegrated rags of gnomes, goblins, and other dead marauders.
    • The bodies of the goblins and gnomes were left as they were.
    • The mean dwellings of gnomes and goblins came into view, as well as armed camps dotted with small fires.