Translation of goblin in Spanish:


duende travieso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑblən/ /ˈɡɒblɪn/


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    duende travieso masculine
    trasgo masculine
    • There is a group of elves or goblins or aliens or something who show up as I'm drifting off.
    • Home to a wacky wizard, it's a gothic mansion packed to the rafters with mischievous goblins and no-good ghosts.
    • The other angle I read into this is that of the child-abduction by goblins and fairies in the tales of yore and of today.
    • Elves and men and gnomes and goblins alike looked about in fear and confusion.
    • The rock structures in Arches range from giant fists to little goblins.
    • Nor are they any on goblins, elves, hobbits and powerful rings that make one disappear.
    • The two elves approached the last goblin, still stuck to the ground, from both sides.
    • Better to just give someone a goblin in jar and let them get on with it.
    • The mean dwellings of gnomes and goblins came into view, as well as armed camps dotted with small fires.
    • I see an intrepid adventurer plodding blindly through a world of booby traps, goblins, jesters and dragons.
    • All of a sudden an army of goblins and dwarfs started marching towards them.
    • In the back of the cavern goblins and demons poured in and out in a chaotic flow through many winding tunnels.
    • Such are the dangers at a time when ghosts and goblins are not the only things scaring American voters.
    • It was the target of many attacks by orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins, and the list goes on.
    • Thus all of the cultures of the world have stories of unknown beings such as ghosts, goblins, and alien life.
    • And the dumb goblins, ghouls, and vampires try to take our home from us, so we also have to steal charms and such.
    • I wanted to show people that Halloween can be a lot more than simply ghosts and goblins.
    • He had the image of himself, like a goblin or ghost, haunting her gravesite for weeks, vainly trying to protect her.
    • On Friday, Halloween was again on everyone's minds and even the odd goblin or ghoul turned up to spend the day with them!
    • You see, even though the last goblin died, evil still found hold in weak creatures.