Translation of godforsaken in Spanish:


dejado de la mano de Dios, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɑdfərˌseɪk(ə)n/ /ˈɡɒdfəseɪk(ə)n/


  • 1

    (region/person/people) dejado de la mano de Dios
    (town) de mala muerte informal
    • We may be in a godforsaken backwater, and this may be a tent, but it is my operations center, and I will have silence.
    • Though I am probably not much loved there, I shall curb my ire and allow the godforsaken alkali desert of California to become a state.
    • Nothing goes right for me anymore since I started reviewing this godforsaken Gobi desert of a record album, dammit.
    • Even the tourist literature has a tough job convincing visitors that there is more to this godforsaken place than the world's most famous golf course.
    • Next morning we strolled, unwashed, along the desolate shoreline of this godforsaken place called Na'ama Bay.
    • My professor, from Pittsburgh, thought that I had just abandoned the character to the most godforsaken spot on Earth.
    • While travelling through that godforsaken country in the hope of turning the fruit of my loins into something vaguely resembling a man, I was unable to shake an insatiable hunger for biltong.
    • But stuck in their godforsaken corner of the world, none of them know what the hell is going on and the first shot after the credits shows a line of men on a craggy ridge holding up TV antennas to no avail.
    • As if this freezing bunker on this godforsaken heath, the 18-hour days, the crawling about in the mud and route marches weren't bad enough, he's brought his own weights with him.
    • By the time I got home again I could afford to spend 55 minutes reinstalling my godforsaken operating system which was more or less all it took, I think.
    • Their excitability every time a Briton comes a pathetic eighth in some godforsaken sport suggests that urine samples should be taken at once - not from the competitors but from the presenters.
    • He's agreed to ‘sort something out’ so I'll be seeing him in a couple of weeks when he can get up to Manchester from whichever godforsaken part of the country he normally hides.
    • Pitcairn looks to be such a godforsaken and boring place - there isn't even a sandy beach, let alone a palm tree - it's hardly surprising they had to make their own fun.
    • But if you are an oilfield fitter in some godforsaken Siberian driller camp and your wages aren't being paid, owning a few hundred shares in the refinery is a bit of an abstract concept.
    • This guy looks nice enough, and he'll probably make this godforsaken trip bearable.
    • You see, not only do these five godforsaken months of permanent darkness and sub-arctic temperatures mess with my mental stability, they also make me fat.
    • Lina, with her long black coat and trousers, stands like a villain in a spaghetti western in front of an unusually squalid shooting stall at some godforsaken Moscow amusement arcade.
    • We spent more of our time playing table tennis in some godforsaken suburban basement than we did sightseeing in the centre of the capital, which seemed a completely wasted opportunity.
    • I was like ‘Ok - not like I wanna be out in this godforsaken heat today anyway!’
    • He has that deeply-lined face, he's from one of the godforsaken states where they have ‘northers’.