Translation of going in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɡoʊɪŋ/ /ˈɡəʊɪŋ/

See Spanish definition of situación


  • 1

    • 1.1(of ground)

      the going is soft/good la pista está blanda/en buen estado
      • once at the top, the going was easier una vez en la cima, la marcha fue más fácil

    • 1.2(circumstances, situation)

      situación feminine
      if I were you, I'd buy it/ask him while the going is good yo que tú lo compraría/se lo pediría ahora, aprovechando el buen momento
      • when the going got rough cuando las cosas se pusieron difíciles
      • It may be prudent to ensure that real property is carefully titled while the going is good.
      • They think the market is probably going to crash and they'd like to cash in while the going is good.
      • Chris Henderson's squad of undercover narcotics officers was finding the going tough.
      • The going has proved tough for her since then but Kay was touched by the good will of her many sponsors.
      • The young men were always going to find the going tough as the big two Ashford and Kent battled for first position.
      • Everyone wants to play for York City and there is no-one looking to jump ship just as the going gets tough.
      • His near misses have left him saddled with a reputation as a man who, when the going gets tough, goes to pieces.
      • Further up the slope, the going gets tougher as the scree run is encountered.
      • When the going got really tough he clung to the fact he was realising not only his own dream, but that of his father.
      • If you have been promoted and are finding the going tough, don't get downhearted.
      • They were always going to find the going tough but they didn't expect to be quite so much out of their league.
      • Football mirrors life, you only find out about people when the going gets tough.
      • Most of the players were on Premiership wages and hid when the going got tough.
      • If the going gets tough, and they want to play the long ball early, Sutton handles that well.
      • It's in our blood to kickstart things, to move on when the going gets tough, not to give in.
      • You can train a fighter to behave this way, but when the going gets tough, he may retreat.
      • What is sad in politics is when the going gets tough there is this culture of blame and spin.
      • When the going got tough every York player on the pitch dug deeper to excel in the face of adversity.
      • She started on the return route before the going got too tough for the small ones to handle.
      • To his surprise it was good enough to take third place as his peers found the going tough.

    • 1.3(progress)

      it's slow going la cosa va despacio
      • that's pretty good going no está nada mal
      • the novel/play was heavy going la novela/obra era pesada
      • I found it was hard going keeping up with her me resultaba difícil seguirla

  • 2

    partida feminine
    marcha feminine
    • Local councils are apparently not above hiring private detectives to keep tabs on the coming and goings of certain gentleman's clubs.
    • Meanwhile, there were no major comings or goings at Ewood yesterday ahead of last night's transfer deadline.
    • Keeping track of the goings and comings of companies in the industry, as you know, is an impossible task.
    • Adeline watched, hands clasped together on her lap, at the goings and comings.


  • 1

    (in operation)
    en marcha
    a going concern un negocio / una empresa en marcha
    • If there was a spare ride going they would try to get the best available and, if not, get Dean.
    • Another advantage going for huss is that, compared to many other fish, they grow sizeable.
    • I had looked over the weeks to see what sort of prices things were going for and I thought my bid was about right.
    • Let's have a look on the internet and see what kind of prices they are going for.
    • You could also check if you have a valuable first edition by seeing if it is on the site and the price it is going for.
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    (present, current)
    to pay above/below the going rate pagar por encima/debajo de lo normal
    • that's the going rate es lo que se suele cobrar/pagar