Translation of golden in Spanish:


de oro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡoʊldən/ /ˈɡəʊld(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(made of gold)

      (ring/crown/chalice) de oro
      the Golden Calf/Fleece el becerro/vellocino de oro
      • The sultan escorted the prince, wearing a gold crown, to a golden chair on the dais.
      • A golden crown was upon my head, and my gown was flowing.
      • Prince Alvin was wearing a brilliant black, velvet tailcoat and black britches that looked stunning with his golden crown.
      • The only details either of them could pick out was the enormous golden crown sitting on the cowled brow and the huge sword strapped to the side of the mount.
      • I wore various dresses chosen by Amanda, and a golden crown which was sometimes on my head, sometimes in my lap, or just anywhere I chose.
      • He cradled a golden scepter in the crook of his right arm, and a golden crown of unmatched magnificence was perched on his head.
      • The cathedral is crowned by a large golden statue of Mary looking up, with her arms plaintively moving out from her body.
      • The golden crown, white gem atop it, was perched upon her fair head, perfectly matching every other piece of jewelry she wore.
      • At a public event, Marc Antony offered him a golden crown - the mark of a king - but he refused it.
      • What startled Charles the most was the small golden crown the woman wore.
      • On her head was a strange crown and her golden bracelets had broken off.
      • A fancy throne with plush upholstery sat with a sparkling golden crown atop it.
      • A golden circlet crowned his head with four perfect diamonds that sat with equal spacing in it.
      • She was approached by a woman dressed more finely than the others, and a golden crown sat upon her head.
      • I was kneeling before my dearest Lewis, a golden crown was perched high on his brow.
      • The golden crown lied sparkling on her head, covering a portion of her brown hair.
      • His eyes were fixed upon the golden throne and the jeweled crown placed on the velvet seat cushion.
      • What mattered was what was inscribed upon the golden rim of the inside of the crown.
      • The sapphire sparkled with energy inside and shone brilliantly against the golden ring.
      • She topped off the look with heavily-styled blonde hair, a golden anklet, diamanté earrings and naturally, leopard print nail varnish.

    • 1.2(in color)

      • Her eyes were alight, her hair flaxen, her golden skin shining with more than just the glow of youth.
      • His silver armor gleamed under the bright golden light that shone like a tiny sun high above in a dome-shaped ceiling.
      • She had beautiful golden hair that shone in the light of the room.
      • Her hair was shining golden white and she was pale, paler than Josh and John.
      • The slight breeze was blowing her hair around and the sun shone, causing her golden hair to glisten.
      • Her hair was the bright golden colour of sunflowers and she had a rosy complexion.
      • He felt more alive in the mountains: The air seemed crisper and smelled sweeter, the sun shone brighter and more golden.
      • Its golden hilt had a crescent emblem in the middle shaped like the full moon, shining brightly with golden carvings on its contours.
      • Her hair was the golden colour of sunlight, and yet her hard violet eyes always seemed to freeze out any warmth she might radiate.
      • A golden sun shone brilliantly overhead, beaming down on the beach below.
      • She has golden blonde hair like my mother, brilliant green eyes, and she has a figure to die for.
      • From small boats, they shine bright spotlights across the water, searching for the unmistakable golden shine of crocodile eyes.
      • Natalie hurried up and put her long, straight strawberry blonde hair up with golden butterfly clips and got dressed.
      • It had a little crown of golden feathers on its head and a few of the feathers were dangling free.
      • There were several letters with a golden wax seal of a crown over a pair of crossed swords; Maria assumed it was the symbol of the local magistrate.
      • This side of the church was in full sun, as was the immense maple on its far side, crowning the neat, white building with a halo of golden red.
      • My hair, braided into a crown around my head, was woven with golden ribbons.
      • The crown has a golden gleam and leaves a completely black shadow on the table.
      • A golden paper crown tops the Galette when it comes to the table, along with a silver crown for the Queen.
      • They rest at a holy place, a hill with crowns of trees and golden star-shaped flowers.

  • 2

    • 2.1(happy, prosperous)

      (years/moments) dorado
      • The Epic Period was a golden era in Indian philosophical thought because of the tolerance of different opinions and teachings.
      • The last 10 years have been a golden period, with most players earning good money.
      • Tracy Noone has been the county's regular top scorer during the golden period from 1999, but missed last year on her American sabbatical.
      • The chair which, according to the designer, is a key element in furnishing homes, entered its golden period by the 18th Century.
      • It was the start of a golden period for the county side and two years later when only 22 he became captain of the team.
      • It was a golden period in the theatre and I had no doubt whatever that it was a world to which I wanted to belong.
      • This is the golden period for any kind of music - classical, pop, fusion - because of the media and TV channels.
      • This essential four-CD box set collects together many of the tracks from his golden period of the late 1960s to the late 1970s.
      • But the golden period for Irish agriculture has been drawing to an end for some time.
      • In that golden period of the early 1990s, there was greatness in every role he touched.
      • Most of them being in the age group of 50 and plus gathered to recapitulate the golden days of their study period in the college.
      • And that was still the black-and-white period, though it is still regarded as the golden era of Malayalam cinema.
      • The members listen to and sing only the songs composed before 1980, a period often referred to as the golden era of Indian film music.
      • However, I think that the golden period of Aikido is now and the art will continue to develop in the future.
      • To make matters worse, the US model was enjoying a golden period.
      • This first phase of a reissue programme covers their golden period from 1969-1972.
      • London was preparing to enter a golden era to challenge any other period of its long and glorious history.
      • According to Mr Phillips, the Tudor period was something of a golden era for the village.
      • To some booksellers this year's class has provided the most golden year.
      • Much greater efforts are now being made to preserve buildings commissioned during Melbourne's golden period as the world's richest city.

    • 2.2(excellent)

      a golden opportunity una excelente oportunidad