Translation of golden hello in Spanish:

golden hello

prima de contratación, n.


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    prima de contratación feminine
    • Schools Minister David Miliband said: ‘In the four years since training bursaries and golden hellos were introduced, the sector's efforts have raised recruitment to teacher training courses by over 30 per cent.’
    • The idea that golden hellos were going to compensate for that stability was questionable.
    • He added that Edinburgh had also looked at the possibility of golden hellos, but had instead decided to pay bursaries to final-year social work students who would then work two years for the council.
    • While golden hellos have had some effect, we do recognise that we need to do more to encourage dentists to work in rural areas.
    • An MoD spokeswoman confirmed it was launching golden hellos for consultants but said the details - including the full amount available - have not yet been finalised.