Translation of gosh in Spanish:


¡caramba!, interj.

Pronunciation /ɡɑʃ/ /ɡɒʃ/

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    • He issues a command and all of them get up and… oh my gosh!
    • I'll show her bold side a bit more, ooooo, I just got an idea… oh my gosh!
    • He should have come home, found the dog with the leash and started yelling and running around the neighborhood, oh my gosh!
    • When you slow down enough to examine those ideas, you might realize, Oh my gosh!
    • ‘Oh gosh, the tiles,’ Montano said with a roll of her eyes, when asked what she liked most about the renovation.
    • And I've just finished eating, gosh, about six mouthfuls.
    • So I don't need to boast… but gosh, it's so difficult not to do.
    • You read an article in a newspaper and you think, ‘Oh my gosh, a boy's been beaten up,’ but you never for one second think it's going to be on your own doorstep.
    • I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this guy I so admired has voted for me’.
    • It's far from the most charitable - or politically correct - portrait of women, but gosh, it's done with panache.
    • His voice has changed a bit, but, gosh, he's nearly 59.
    • I looked on a map, for Calgary, and then thought ‘Oh gosh, it's at the other side of Canada!’
    • Oh, gosh, that reminds me, I meant to say, I've been updating my wishlist…
    • Sometimes when you do that, you realise, ‘Oh my gosh, that was pretty bad’.
    • They get their calculations checked by a few scientists, who say ‘by gosh, they might be right’
    • But gosh, you know, they don't seem so bad, particularly the cute white one Willard adopts and names Socrates.
    • What is unforgivable though is the pointless gumph when Aragorn falls in to the river and drifts off, only, gosh, he returns just in time for the battle.
    • Oh my gosh, somebody isn't going to get much sleep tonight!
    • Clark has been to, gosh, thousands of funerals over the years, but he's not the sort to let that much grief affect him.
    • Oh, gosh, but it was hard to get going when I woke this morning.