Traducción de gotta en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡɑdə/ /ˈɡɒtə/


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    I gotta go me tengo que ir
    • Yeah, it's true mate, you gotta be really careful of not only what you say but how you say it.
    • Sometimes you hear it a lot; sometimes you gotta hear from a certain person.
    • You gotta love DC, where you always have to worry your best friend is wearing a wire.
    • Anyhow, I gotta go do my thing and get outta here… educating young minds today you know!
    • It's not the same voice by any means, but you gotta wonder how they both made it with those rusty pipes.
    • So July was a bit too relaxed on this blog, I gotta try to update a little more often!
    • I gotta confess that I was a little scared that I wasn't going to like Megadef as much as I wanted to.
    • Seriously, you gotta love the bogans who plan to celebrate their lottery win with a meal of champagne and pizza.
    • You gotta be weaponed to live and to survive in the Detroit underground.
    • So yea I gotta give everyone who helped out or offered to help madd love.
    • Some are really low, like, it must be a trick, and some are really high, like, you gotta be kidding, man.
    • I gotta go to City Hall, but City Hall doesn't have it, the bank doesn't have it, nobody has it.
    • You gotta love a mix that includes confections from Kevin Yost, Miguel Migs and Sandy Rivera.
    • We gotta steal from each other so we can survive and feed our children.
    • Until then I gotta keep productive and continuing praying for our relocation to the NE.
    • We buy yours too, just that sometimes you gotta get away from the locals.
    • I promise, updates and funny quotes and such soon, just gotta get the school writing out of the way first.
    • You gotta love a band who makes the too-cool-for-school indie kids jump up and down.